Cannondale r500 Road Bike (Questions Answers for Beginners)

What is it you wish to know about the Cannondale r500 bicycle— Is it weight, frame, or price? All these and other details about the bicycle will be discussed in this post.

So, sit back and relax while we begin the journey to another interesting world of discovery!


What gears are on Cannondale r500

Gears are another feature of a bike you must know how it works before getting your bike because they ensure comfortable pedaling speed (or cadence) irrespective of the road gradient or terrain.

Multiply the number of sprocket at the rear by the number of chainrings at the front to know the gears on your Cannondale R500 bicycle.Cannondale r500

For instance, a R500 bike possesses a 30-speed gear if it features a triple chainring set-up and a 10-speed rear cassette.

If yours has a double chainring setup and a 10-speed rear cassette; it means your bike has 20-speed gear attributes. Therefore, your bike’s chainset and the speed of rear cassette combine to determine the type of gear it possess.

How much does a Cannondale R500 weigh

The Cannondale R500 bicycle weighs approximately 25 lbs as a result of its aluminum T6/Cannondale frame, which consists of different colors such as teal, black, and topaz.

Apart from the frame, other factors that make up the bicycle’s 25 lb weight include the wellgo road w/clips and strap pedals, Shimano taper bottom bracket, and Shimano tiagra front derailleur.

What wheels should I put on my Cannondale R500

The Cannondale R500 bicycle features 700c wheels. Hence, you should go for the same wheelset diameter and size if there is any need to change your tires.

Meanwhile, 650c or 27-inch tires are compatible with the bicycle but you should consider the route and how often you use your bike before settling for any size.

What about bigger tires like 32″ size? I’m afraid your bike doesn’t support the size as there will be very little space between the tire and the fork or brake Bridge.

The best way to determine the tire to put in your Cannondale r500 bicycle includes measuring the gap between the top of your bike and the brake bridge/fork.

This will help you know the width and diameter of the tire compatible with your device.

You should also consider your bicycle’s frame because it can affect the tire’s performance if it’s too big.

What Cassette Does Cannondale Caad3 R500 Use?

Before answering this question, let’s briefly discuss what a bicycle cassette is all about and how to know the speed and type of cassette present in Caad3 r500. Cassette is an important part of a bicycle because it plays a huge role in determining the speed of a bicycle.

Located on the rear wheel, a cassette is made up of sprockets and it is an integral part of the bike’s drivetrain. It influences the number of revolutions your legs spin within a minute either positively or negatively depending on its well-being.

Without a cassette, pedaling will be fruitless as there will be nothing to initiate movement from the rear wheel. Once you pedal, the cassette slides straight onto the freehub, thereby causing a change in the ratchet system which will push the bicycle forward.

The cassette speed ranges from 5 to 12. However, speeds 9, 10, and 11 commons and mostly used by bicycle manufacturers.

Getting a cassette for your Caad3 r500 bike can be a bit challenging unless you know the size of the rear wheel’s freehub and the type of freehub. That leads us back to the question.

As mentioned earlier, the r500 permits 700c, 650c wheels. These rear wheels feature 130mm space for cassettes. Luckily, 8-speed, 9 speed, and

10-speed cassettes can easily enter the available space without any problems. So, it is safe to say that the Caad3 bicycle uses any of the three cassette speeds.

You should also know that the caad3 features a Shimano freehub. So, it is available to go for a cassette compatible with Shimano freehub.

Alternatively, a cassette that works effectively with an SRAM freehub is also suitable for your Caad3 bicycle because both SRAM and SHIMANO freehubs are interchangeable due to their similar ‘key’ attachments.

Campagnolo is another freehub style, but isn’t compatible with your Caad3 R500 bicycle because it has a different fitment.

How can I tell if my Cannondale is real?

The most effective way to check if your Cannondale is real or fake involves Verifying its serial number. Most Cannondale bikes have their will serial number on the frame’s underside, close to the bar code.

Meanwhile, older bikes like the ones manufactured in the ’80s have their bar-coded serial number on different spots such as lefty suspension fork, and Cannondale wheel.

Check the spots highlighted above for the serial number. Then proceed to the company’s official website to confirm if the serial number is authentic or not. Visit the site and provide all the required data to verify if your bicycle is fake or real.

How Much Does A Cannondale R500 Worth?

You should have at least $700 to get a new and quality Cannondale bike that will stand the test of time.

Understandably, the price depends on the bike’s year of production and the quality of the materials used.

According to a verified user, a fairly-used Cannondale R500 (2004 model) is valued at $450, while 80’s bicycles are sold for just $300.

In one of the online merchant’s reviews, a new Triathlon bike CANNONDALE SLICE 5 currently worth $2,253.

Why is Cannondale the best bike?

Cannondale bikes are regarded as the best road bikes due to their sleek design, quality, and ability to last long irrespective of the terrain.

Their prices equally appear more affordable compared to other brands with the same quality.

How can you tell a fake Cannondale?

Ways to tell if your Cannondale r500 is counterfeit include the following:

  • Lack of Authentic stickers or badge
  • Inaccurate spellings.
  • Fading materials
  • Poorly designed logos
  • High discount rate. You can equally choose to know if it’s original by following the procedures discussed already.

Are Cannondale Bikes Good?

Yes, Cannondale bikes are pretty good for both expert and inexperienced riders. They are so good that they guarantee long-lasting service as they are built to stand the test of time.

Irrespective of the road or terrain, the Cannondale bikes are more than ready to give you a fun-filled ride.

Our Verdict

We hope this article provides the information you need to get a real and quality Cannondale R500 bike of your choice.

Is there any aspect you want us to include in the article? Do you have further questions? Feel free to share them with us via the comments section below and we will attend as soon as possible.


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