Schwinn circuit Bike How Good? Questions and Answers for beginners

Have you ever imagined why the Schwinn crisscross bicycle remains one of the most wanted bicycles in the world?

Yes! It is affordable, but the bike is more than the price and financial value. Therefore, in this post, we are taking a deeper look at the bicycle and see why it is widely accepted by bike owners across the globe.


What is Schwinn Circuit Bicycle?

The Schwinn company remains one of the most experienced bicycle makers in the world having been in existence since 1895, People also ask Are Schwinn Hybrid bikes good?

it’s no surprise that their products, including the Schwinn circuit bicycle, boast long-lasting attributes and high-performance rates.

As the name implies, the Schwinn Circuit Bike is produced and packaged by the highly regarded Schwinn Company. It is a sport hybrid bike suitable for all kinds of terrain.

It is made with durable materials that can stand the test of time and equally overcome any possible challenges imposed by roads structure and appearance.


Being a sport hybrid bike, the Schwinn circuit bike possesses all the important features required to provide maximum satisfaction to all users, including 700 by 32c sport tires.

Though the tires are a bit narrower than the ones possessed by mountain bikes, they have all it takes to perform brilliantly on hills and downhill.

One of the things we love about the Schwinn circuit bike is that it functions effectively under a heavy downpour, thanks to its effective brake system.

It consists of disc brakes which ensure that the bike stops as soon as you apply the brake.

In terms of sleekness and attractiveness, this bike is right there at the top of the list due to its gorgeous aluminum frame.

Apart from the frame’s beauty, its lightweight ensures the bike isn’t too heavy thereby enhancing the speed and durability.

Talking of speed, the Schwinn Circuit bike features 21-speed Shimano EZ-Fire, making it one of the fastest bikes you would come across in the industry.

Its double-wall aluminum rims increase the performance level, while the vinyl material ensures more conveniences and comfort.

Who Can Ride The Bike?

The Circuit is a great bike for anyone interested in quality and entertaining riding sessions.

This bike is suitable for every individual whether you are a young kid going to school, a professional practicing for major tournaments, or a mere owner improving his/her riding skill.

It is equally good for any whose mission involves learning how to ride on wet and patchy roads as it guarantees utmost balance and sharp brake.

The Schwinn circuit bike is equally recommended to people looking for an affordable and low-cost bike as it is relatively cheap compared to other brands.

How Much Does A New Schwinn Bike Cost In 2021

According to Amazon, the bike is sold for $389, while Walmart revealed that the circuit bike can be purchased at the rate of $466.

Considering both evaluations, it is, therefore, advisable your budget close to $500 get a quality product. Meanwhile, you should know that the Schwinn women’s Circuit hybrid bike is a bit different from the Schwinn Circuit bike for men.

The women’s version comes with 5’2” rider, while the men’s bike has 5’6” rider, although the both weigh 215lb. Don’t be surprised if the male bikes appear more expensive than their female’s counterparts.

How About Schwinn Circuit Performance?

When it comes to performance, the Schwinn Circuit bike is in a class of its own. The mechanical disc brakes ensure that the bike comes to an immediate halt under any circumstances once you explore the powerful mechanical disc brake.

The only shortcomings of the brake involve the shocking sound produced whenever you apply the brake. Meanwhile, you should oil the brakes and make some initial alignment adjustments to help reduce the sound intensity.

With its EZ-Fire shifters and Shimano rear derailleur, the bike seamlessly changes gears as you climb the hill. Thanks to its durable fork extension, you are allowed to ride the Schwinn bikes on smoothly paved roads without any stress or accidents.

Knowing well that every rider should be comfortable on a bicycle, the Schwinn company ensures that this bike features a super fitted and adjustable seat that can be adjusted without any tools.

It means you can readjust the seat to suit your desired saddle position at any time. The bike’s ergonomic and rubberized handlebars also ensure maximum comfort for both men and women riders as it allows a tight grip on the handle.

How Can You Know a Real Schwinn Circuit Bike?

The most simple way to know if your bike is original involves checking for the company’s logo broadly inscribed on the frames.

The logo is magnified enough for everyone to see, albeit, it’s not the most effective way to guarantee the bike’s authenticity as there are fraudsters capable of replicating the logo on their sub-standard product.

As a result, you should explore the second method which includes checking the bike’s serial and model numbers.

Most Schwinn’s bikes have their model number written on their frames, rear axle Mount, lower headtube, or the rear axle hanger. So, check the spots to confirm if your bike has model and serial numbers.

You must avoid bikes without a serial number or model number as there is no way to prove their authenticity.

Alternatively, you can consult the company’s official page and inquire if your newly purchased back is

Does Schwinn Circuit Last Long?

Yes. It is believed that you can use the bike for a long period without experiencing any major problems. According to reviews from past users, you can be sure that the bike can last for 12 months without any problems or complications.

What About Schwinn Bikes Warranty?

Schwinn bikes have different warranties depending on their types and functions. A mountain bike’s warranty differs from a road bike, while a hybrid bike is equally different from Tadem and Juvenile bikes.

You should equally know that each segment/section of the bike, including part and frame, has a different warranty. As for the Schwinn Circuit bike and other Schwinn hybrid bikes, the frames feature a five-year warranty.

The parts— such as grips, tubes, tires, cables, brake shoes, and saddle covering— boast of only a year warranty which still sounds good whichever way you look at it.


Whether you are going for the men’s Schwinn Circuit bike or women’s cycle Bike, be rest assured of getting quality products.

This is because both versions boast quality materials that can withstand pressure and perform in all kinds of weather conditions, thanks to their anti-corrosion frames.


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