Mahindra Roxors: How Street Legal are they? (check Regulations in All US States)

The Roxor, by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA), is a strong utility vehicle. The four-wheel UTV (Utility-task Vehicle) was first assembled in 2018. But the Mahindra That M2DICR modes has been available in India since 2010.

The Roxor vehicle is a people choice for its rugged build and toughness. But is it allowed on all roads of American States? Do every State in USA permits the use of a Roxor by users who crave off-road terrain trips?

Sure most do. The only restriction may come when one wants to drive the vehicle on a public road.

This article explores state laws (in USA) relating to the Roxors. Keep reading to know if your state favours you or not.


Are Roxors street-legal in the United States?

In the United States, Roxors are not generally viewed legal for street roads. Why? Because they can’t move faster than 55 mph.

Nonetheless, a few states have various laws. Some states still permit these vehicles on the street. You will learn if Roxors are fit for public road in your state or not.

Federal laws order that rough terrain vehicles like the Roxor shouldn’t be used on open streets. They don’t meet satisfy and emission guidelines. State law on the lawfulness of rough terrain vehicles, notwithstanding, do change.

You can find below your state’s Vehicle Code. Please verify whether it is legitimate to drive utility vehicles like the Roxor on state streets or not.

Here is a rundown discussing legal status of Roxors across all states in the United States.

Alabama State

In spite of the fact that you can purchase and own a Roxor in this state, you can’t ride it on open streets.

As indicated by Alabama law, it is unlawful to drive on open streets vehicles explicitly planned by their makers as off-the-street vehicle.

This implies that you can’t drive the Roxor, with its “only rough terrain” official portrayal, on any open streets in Alabama.

Alaska State

In Alaska state, Roxor is considered hazardous for on public roads.

Also, the vehicle can’t be enrolled with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This is because it doesn’t meet the government’s safety prerequisites.

Be that as it may, there are a few examples when the use of a Roxor is permitted on street roads.

Rough terrain vehicles are permitted on open streets when highways are shut down. This could happen as a result of harsh climate, going across a street (should be at a right point to the street), and road crossing (should be done on the right-hand edge and can’t meddle with other traffic).

Arizona State

If you are looking for one of the most UTV-accommodating laws in the United States, Arizona is one of them.

In contrast to the states listed above, your Roxor vehicle can become legitimate on road by enlisting it in order to use it on highways.

The procedure for doing this is similar with that for ordinary vehicles, and your Roxor will be dependent upon the requirements of what is needed for other cars.

In some environment in Arizona, this type of vehicle may have to fulfill emissions necessities.

Please make sure that your Roxor is backed by liability insurance. Also, it must be appropriately enlisted and titled.

Other essentials include safety equipment – think mirrors, horn, brakes, taillights, reflectors, brake lights, and different adornments. They should be available on your Roxor vehicle before it can obtain status for moving on the street.

Arkansas State

Here, owners must register their rough-terrain vehicles. However, enrollment doesn’t need to be periodic renewals.

Also, off-road vehicles does not need to pass safety assessments or need some special equipment.

In Arkansas, Roxors are permitted to move on open roads when the need to go across the road arises. This must be when it is used by somebody with a genuine walking challenge. It can also be used for hunting and farming in a field.

California State

Among the most populated states in the United States, California ranks high. Also in this state is a colossal number of vehicles constantly used on its roads.

The road system of California is vigorously packed. This means that the legalizing of vehicles like the Roxor may be harmful to driving conditions.

In addition to the fact that Roxors may block the roads, the absence of equipment for safety may place both them and other road users at serious risk.

In view of these contemplations, vehicles like the Roxor have been confined for off-road romping alone.

Colorado State

Residents of the Colorado State must enroll any of their rough terrain vehicles.

Except off-road vehicles are being used on roads designed for off-highways vehicle, they are not viewed as lawful on the road. These type of roads are found in small towns – a location like the National Forest is an example.

To be sure, check your neighborhood locale to know whether the use of rough terrain vehicles (like the Roxor) are permitted. Do this before you proceed.

Connecticut State

In Connecticut, one needs to register his/her off-road vehicle.

Here all rough-terrain vehicles are permitted on open streets only for crossing the street roa to the opposite side.

Delaware State

The use of Roxors vehicles on Delaware roads is stringently prohibited. These vehicles are not allow on the highways, streets and roads within the state.

A Roxor can be used on public highways and roads only a special occasion allowed by the Delaware state authorities.

Florida State

Also in Florida, the residents are not allowed to use the Roxor vehicle on a public road or highway.

But if it is an unpaved street roadway with a aspeed limit of less than 35 mph, a Roxor can be used. This is one of the exceptions.

Another exception is when you drive it during the day, the Roxor is not allowed for night drive.

Georgia State

In Georgia, the local overseeing bodies decide if rough terrain vehicle should be allowed or not on public roads and highways. The rules, however, vary from city to city.

Reach out to any nearby Georgia’s local authority to check if legal for public roads.

Hawaii State

In Hawaii, the use of utility vehicles like Roxors are not permitted on its highways or public roads. However, it might give exemptions in few cases.

In a situation where the vehicle is being used for agricultural tasks, the Roxor is allowed. Also, it is permitted for movements within agrarian regions in counties populace below 500,000.

The Roxor vehicle can also be ride on a two-path highway – the posted speed limit must be less that 35 mph.

Idaho State

The Idaho State requires a few changes to be made on road legitimate of the Roxor. An example is a muffler and including turn signals.

On highways, side-by-sides are not allowed, but one can use them on public roads. The safety requirements mist be met before you can this action out. The Roxor vehicle must also be registered. Its operation must be by a person who owns valid insurance and driver’s license. .

Illinois State

According to the Illinois State law, no utility vehicle is allowed to operate on the highway, street, or public road.

Even with this restriction, a legal Roxor owner can only pass across a road – if such a road joins two path or rough terrain regions.

Indiana State

All UTVs in the Indiana State must be registered before they can be used. This implies that a owner of a Roxor must enroll his/her vehicle. You can’t drive a Roxor on a highway or public roads if it is not registered.

Notwithstanding, there is an option for you to use roads close to the highways, only if you can drive without placing others at serious risk. If a road connects two riding trails, then one is allowed to cross it at a 90-degree angle to the road.

Here, the state law allows counties decide whether they want utility vehicles on their roads or not. The decision is theirs to make. This made it possible for some counties to freely ride Roxors on their public roads.

Drivers of the Roxor who are below 18 years of age must use a protective helmet whenever they drive on highways or public roads. It is a must.

No matter where you are in Indiana, one needs a valid driver’s license. If you don’t have it, you can use your Roxor on public roads.

Iowa State

At Iowa State, a owner of the Roxor must register his or her vehicle.

Neighborhood districts are authorized to assign which regions rough terrain vehicles will be permitted or not.

Owners of Roxors in Iowa State must check for areas where they are allowed to drive them.

Kansas State

Utility vehicles are not allowed on public roads of Kansas State, according to its transport guidelines. But it has few exceptions.

One exception is a situation where you use your Roxor for agricultural purposes. That’s when you can ride it on a highway or public road. This, as well, comes with extra guidelines.

However, you still need to have a valid driver’s license as well as get your Roxor registered.

Furthermore, your speed limit while on public roads should be less than 65 mph. Don’t forget to ride by the roadside – this is also important.

Kentucky State

In Kentucky State, UTVs are not required to be registered. However, they must be titled.

Also, utility vehicles like the Roxor are permitted on two-lane highways in the event that they’re being used for farming purposes. They are also allowed for crossing public roads.

But are Roxors really permitted on highways and public roads of Kentucky? No they are not permitted.

Louisiana State

The State of Louisiana demands that all utility vehicles are titled, registered, and insured.

These type of vehicle may only be used of open roads when a county is needed to be crossed. If this is the case, speed limit must be less than 35 miles per hour.

Although you are allowed to drive your Roxor by the side of a public road – during the day, that is 30 minutes after Dawn. You can ride it 30 minutes before nightfall. You are also allowed to cross highways or public roads with it.

Likewise, UTVs may be ridden by the sides by the expressways and public roads, for agrarian functions, inasmuch as it is inside a five-mile range of a homestead.

Maine State

The State of Maine does not allow residents to use utility vehicles on public roads or highways. This is unlawful. Notwithstanding, there are few exceptions.

One, if there is a state of emergency and there isn’t any motorcycle for means of transportation, them an utility vehicle can be used. The State permits this. Your Roxor can be put to use on public road should snow prevent you from accessing a bike.

Also, the Roxor is allowed to be used on a public road if the road was designed for UTVs which are not meant for conventional vehicles. Yes, there are routes for UTVs in some areas. But they can’t be driven onbthe left side of the public road between late evening and dawn time.


In Maryland, annual registration of utility vehicles is required. Also, the vehicle must be titled.

The State law doest allow utility vehicles to ride on park trails. An exemption is when a UTV is used for construction or maintenance.

Before you use the Roxor around your neighborhood I’m Maryland, ensure that you abide by these standards.

Michigan State

Before now, UTVs are not allowed in the public roads of the Michigan State. The same was so for the Roxor. But in 2019, another bill by the State Legislature was passed. The bill allows the of utility vehicles on open roads as well as expressways.

You will likewise have to take your Roxor for enlistment with the branch of transportation.

Also in the policy, utility vehicles was seen as other automobiles. It also means that a owner of the Roxor needs to retrofit it with given safety equipment in order to make it legal on street roads.

Your utility vehicle must also be registered with the department of transportation.

Minnesota State

Riding your Roxor on public roads of Minnesota is permitted. But you can only do so on the shoulder of the public roads.

You still need to confirm from local ordinance allows utility vehicles on the public road you want to tour with your Roxor.

Mississippi State

In Mississippi, UTVs can’t be made “road lawful”. This means Roxors are not allowed on public roads and thruways.

Along these lines, just like similar states here, one can use the Roxor in private and rough terrain. Don’t on roads legalized for public use.

Missouri State

The Missouri State allows to use of UTVs like the Roxor. But they can only be used on public roads for agricultural activities – and this must be between the dawn and dusk. And if the local government permits it, then it will be within city limits.

A speed limit of less than 30 mph is what is allowed whenever you ride your Roxor vehicle. That’s kind of low, but you can have a good ride as long as you obey the rules.

Montana State

The Montana State law permits you to work your Roxor vehicle on a specific street as long as your local authority permits it.

Notwithstanding, a license is still needed. Also, owners of utility vehicles need to retrofit their vehicles with recommended safety equipment.

Nebraska State

The Nebraska law does not allow utility vehicles like the Roxor to use on open roads. However, there are few exemptions for this law.

A owner of a Roxor can ride it on the shoulder of major roads when used for agricultural purposes.

Also, local ordinances may allow it. If this is the case, one can use an utility vehicle. However, one must only ride by the side of the road for easy flow of traffic.

Nevada State

Generally, Working a rough terrain vehicle on a public road is isn’t allowed in Nevada State. However, there are few exemptions – local authorities can allow it given certain factors.

This means that your local authority may grant you permission to drive a Roxor on a public road. You will be able to drive your utility vehicle in a public road, however it’s ideal to simply keep it off the streets.

New Hampshire State

The state law of New Hampshire limits the use of a Roxor and other utility vehicles to only assigned trails and rough terrain regions.

In that capacity, this means driving a Roxor vehicle on public roads. The only exemption when local authority allows it, expressly.

New Jersey State

The law of this state doesn’t allow residents use utility vehicles on public roads. The exception is when they are used for crossing lands.

New Mexico State

There are different rules and limitations here. They vary, some local laws may allow utility vehicles on the streets, while some don’t permit it.

Check the nearest local authority around your for new updates..

New York State

The use of Roxors on public roads and highways have been banned in New York. An exemption is when the road or parkway has been explicitly assigned for utility vehicles by either local or state authorities.

As a rule, the roads and thruways assigned for UTV are those linking two rough terrain vehicles’ trails.

North Carolina State

North Carolina does not allow rough terrain vehicles on public roads and highway. But these vehicles can cross public roads and highways.

Riders of utility vehicles here must wear eye protection and helmets while using them on open streets.

North Dakota State

According to the North Dakota law, it was expressed that residents can’t drive an UTV like Roxorsuch on either the street, shoulder, or incline of any road. Only when an emergency occurs can this law be exempted.

Ohio State

Ohio State also bans the use of rough terrain vehicles on public parkways. The only exception is when used for intersection purposes. But law do varies when it comes to the local levels. Some local authorities permit the use of Roxors on public roads while some don’t.

You can check for these laws in you locality. Look them up before riding your Roxor on a highway.

Oklahoma State

In Oklahoma, the state law doesn’t permit people to use Roxors on busy roads. However, there are some exemptions.

For example, utility vehicles can be used on a street of a county that allows it.

They can also be used if the road is situated in a unincorporated environment, with the highest speed limit of 25mph. Even with this a road sign warning indicating that an utility vehicle is in use.

Oregon State

In Oregon, off-road vehicles can’t use public roads. The law doesn’t permit their use of these roads.

Rhode Island

Here, off-road vehicles are only allowed on roadways when crossing public roads. They are not permitted to ride on highways and public roads.

Clearly, you have seen that many states in the United States down allow UTVs on highways.

South Carolina State

This State has ATV laws, however, they are not for utility vehicle.

If you want to know whether utility vehicles like the Roxor are allowed on street roads in North Carolina, please get full information from the transportation office or a legal practitioner.

South Dakota State

Luckily, South Dakota proofs to be one of the few States that allow lovers of Roxor to enlist the utility vehicle for the street. The Roxor is street-legal here.

However, a Roxor must use recommended safety gear and properly registered..

Tennessee State

In Tennessee, rough terrain vehicles are not allowed on roadways and public roads.

Although, you mayy drive your Roxor on specific roads as long as it meets the state safety and equipment requirements of the state, and it is registered.

Texas State

In Texas, the law restricts residents from using utility vehicles (including Roxor) on highways and public roads. The only exception is when they are used for agricultural activities.

Utah State

Utah State is another state which favours the use of utility vehicles on public roads. If your Roxor meets the essential standards of the state and it is registered, it is legal for use on the highway and public roads.

You must follow the guidelines for road use as other vehicles when you use public roads.

Vermont State

This state restricts off-road vehicles on public roads, although the use of Roxor is allowed on a road that has been proclaimed open for this type of vehicles.

Virginia State

In Virginia, utility vehicles are not allowed to operate on open streets or thruways. The only exemption is when the local authorities approve them.

For emergency, these off-road vehicles can also be used on public roads – after being authorized.


Washington is also a favorable state for lovers of Roxors. These UTVs are street legal in Washington. But make sure you ride it on roads with 35 miles per hour, or even less.

Again, you will be required to have a license. Your Roxor should also have safety equipment

West Virginia State

You can only use Roxor and other utility vehicles on small roads in whenever you are in West Virginia. For expressways, public roads, and highways, Roxors are not allowed.

Wisconsin State

The Wisconsin State law allows only registration off-road vehicles for agrarian use. Roxors may also be used on open roads this purpose.

That’s the only common reason why you may find an utility vehicle on a highway. They are not allowed for on-road drive.

Still, different county may have different rules, endeavor to check your local authorities for guidelines.

Wyoming State

Here, utility vehicles must be registered, meet safety standards, and must be titled before they can be used on the highway or public road.

Holders of MPV permit can also use the public roads. Getting a MPV entails having safety equipment and a valid driver’s license. Also, insurance of your utility vehicle is needed.

By now, you would have gotten more insight on how using a Roxor (and other utility vehicles) on highways/public roads across the United States of America works.

You still need to do a little homework – check with your local authorities for new updates. Only when you do this can you ride your Roxor with peace. And please, always be safe while riding.

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