Why police officers ride motorcycles? Explained

We all agree that an average police officer knows how to ride a motorcycle because we often see cops on a bike at every checkpoint, highway, and crime scene.

But have you ever wondered why police officers ride motorcycles? Is there a specific type of motorcycle they use?

Well, you don’t have to lose a breath finding answers to those questions as we are set to share something interesting with you.Why police officers ride motorcycles

In this short post, we will discuss the reasons why police officers ride motorcycles, what is a motorcycle cop and how much do motorcycle cops receive per month? So, sit back and relax while we gently unveil today’s package.


What Is a Motorcycle Cops

A motorcycle cop is a police officer posted to the highways to monitor traffic, enforce traffic laws, and ensure that road users obey traffic rules and regulations.

It is believed that motorcycle cops function more effectively on the road as they can reach anywhere on the road, irrespective of traffic mess or road conditions.

Meanwhile, don’t be confused with the ‘motorcycle cop’ tag; they are also police officers who are specifically trained and deployed for traffic duties. They possess all the skills you would see in police officers at crime scenes or offices.

What do motorcycle cops do?

Apart from ensuring normality on the road, motorcycle police or motorcycle cops also serve as escorts for special occasions such as presidential visits, top dignitary’s funerals, etc.

They add glamour and value to major events attended by top governmental dignitaries like the President, heads of state, governors, etc.

Why do police officers ride motorcycles?

Apart from specially trained motorcycle cops, police officers also ride motorcycles for different reasons discussed below:

1. Criminal Cases: Police officers are forced to ride motorcycles when chasing after criminals. Like we often seen in movies, escaping criminal prefers rough routes unsuitable for cars. Hence, police officers always mount on bikes to boost their chances of catching up with the racing offenders.

2. Tactical Reasons: Since it’s easier to hide a police motorcycle than a police car, most police officers prefer riding a motorcycle as there could be a need to disguise.

3. Motorcycle Provides Better Mobility: Are cars faster than motorcycles on road? Contrary to public opinions, many police officers believe motorcycle provides greater mobility. This is why they prefer to ride motorcycles in most of their assignments.

Do Cops Still Ride Motorcycles?

Yes. Cops still ride motorcycles, although it depends on their location and government policies. You might see motorcycle police scattered across every spot in your residence, while other people won’t see them in their location despite being in the same country.

Using US as a case study, motorcycle police are mostly seen in big urban cities but we hardly see them in remote locations unless during special occasions .

Knowing the undeniable roles of motorcycle police in ensuring law and order, it’s rare for any government to limit the use of cop motorcycles to only significant events. This means motorcycle police unit has come to stay forever

What Kind Of Motorcycles Do Police Officers Ride?

Again, every country has different motorcycles for its police officers. According to multiple sources such as Wikipedia, The USA motorcycle police unit deploys specially-designed Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, and BMW Motorrad products.

BMW Motorrad remains the most used cop motorcycle in Germany, while BMW R1200RT-P and the Yamaha FJR1300 are presently the most common police motorcycles in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, scooters are sparingly used by the British police. Other police motorcycles used in other countries include

BMW R1200 RT-P, BRP Can-AM Spyder, Harley-Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide, Harley-Davidson FLHTP Road King, Harley-Davidson FLHTP Electra Glide, and Zero DSRP.

What Color Are Police Motorcycles?

Police motorcycles are predominantly black in color. However, some consist of multiple color combinations that are sparingly seen in civilian bikes.

Using the Harley-Davidson Police Special as a case study, it consists of an “unusual” silver color hardly see in everyone’s bike. However, many police motorcycles manufacturers don’t lay much emphasis on color.

Hence, you can come across cops’ motorcycles featuring red, blue, black, and white color.

Why Are Police Motorcycles So Big?

Police motorcycles are big because they are used in carrying loads needed for successful patrolling. These types of motorcycles are mostly used in urban settlements where large patrolling exercise takes place.

Despite their big sizes, police motorcycles are light in weight and they have a good center of gravity which enhances balance on the road.

Are Police Motorcycles Fast?

Police motorcycles are built with blistering pace and speed. In one of the tests carried out by Blueline, BMW R1200 RT-P reaches 218.87 KM/H, while Can-AM Spyder F3P covers 193.12 KM/H.

Is It Hard To Be A Motorcycle Cop?

Becoming a motorcycle cop isn’t a difficult task if you’ve completed your police training programs. You are required to graduate from the police academy before applying for motorcycle cop.

There are stages and procedures you must follow to become a motorcycle cop. They include Registering with the police academy, graduating within 3-10 years, and applying to a motorcycle department in any police unit.

The fact that the motorcycle unit doesn’t need many police officers means you might wait longer than expected for any recruitment opportunity.

Do Motorcycle Cops Get Paid More?

Yes, motorcycle cops in some agencies are paid more. They receive to 5% increase in their monthly payments to compensate them for their relentless role in ensuring peaceful and smooth traffic.

The incentive also covers all the hazards and difficulties they experienced while delivering their duties. It is also believed that the hike in payment is aimed at encouraging motorcycle cops to remain dedicated irrespective of the challenge and risk attached to their job.


Are Motorcycles Still Applicable for Law Enforcement Use?

1951 Harley-Davidson Police Special



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