Why Do Ford Mustang Cars Always Run into the Crowd?

When you talk about the symbol of the American sports car you can’t just ignore Ford Mustang.

It is a fast car that lots of drivers admire and since it does not have a huge price tag attached to it, lots of people look forward to having it.

This car might be very loved by lots of people. Strangely, it seems popular for the wrong reasons.

Over the years, there have been reports, pictures, and even videos of the Ford Mustang getting out of control and crashing into the crowd.

In as much as this is not the only car that has crashed into the crowd at different times, it seemed to have picked up a reputation for crashing and this has made several people wonder why Ford Mustang cars always run into the crowd.

Are you one of the many car lovers that have always wondered why Ford Mustang cars always run into the crowd? You are on the right page. Let’ find out why.Why Do Ford Mustang Cars Always Run into the Crowd?


Why do So Many Mustangs Lose Control and Crash? Is it More of a Driver’s Fault?

With Big horsepower RWD, Ford Mustang cars were built for speed and most drivers don’t respect the power.

However, unlike lots of other fast cars, they are not only relatively affordable but ridiculously accessible and the low bar of ownership means that you don’t really need to save much to own one.

The implication of this is lots of people that are able to afford this car do not have the experience that is needed to control a car with so much power before sitting in the driver’s seat.

When inexperienced driver get to a very difficult situation when on high speed. They ended up not sure what to do hence crashing the car. this is why we see so many fail videos.

The average person that has seen several videos and pictures of Ford Mustang cars running into the crowd could blame the cause of this most unfortunate incident on Mustang.

With out much ado, It’s completely the driver’s who are mostly at fault . Also let’s not deny the fact that there are similar cases recorded on other brand of car such as Challengers, Camaros and Chargers where drivers Lose Control and Crash, so its not just Mustangs thing alone.

In as much as the eagerness to Put up videos and pictures of the many misfortunes of Ford Mustang cars cannot be swept under the carpet, there is a lot more to these incidents.

Like a Commenter by name Justin Price had suggest that the problem could be traced to the car’s “straight axle (which is usually open),Short wheel base, poor brakes, poor weight distribution, poor hp/ltr (older stuff).

Another commenter Fugner suggest that the causes of this crash could be lack of experience on the part of the driver, who ended up crashing the car due to inability to to correct oversteer

Below are likely reasons Ford Mustang cars lose control and crash

The Car’s Suspension System: As it stands, Ford Mustang cars are associated with two types of suspension system . So, the type of suspension system that comes with a particular Ford Mustang car will have a major effect on its display.

The two suspension systems that come with the Ford Mustang are the solid rear axle suspension system and the independent rear axle set ups. The latter is an improvement on the flaws of the former.

The older suspension system was built for moving as the crow flies. However, it was not designed to work very well with corners and bends especially at high speeds.

This might not seem like a problem. However, it is a major challenge as lots of people that get involved in crashes when driving the Ford Mustang do this when trying to negotiate a bend at high speed.

With the solid rear axle suspension system, the two wheels are dependent on each other.

This means whatever happens to the right wheel will have a significant effect on the left wheel.

If there is a left movement on the left wheel, then the right wheel will experience a right movement.

With this arrangement, if there is a sharp bend, there will be an unwanted shift in the car’s weight. This could lead to issues with balance and end in the car going out of control.

Wheel Hop: When a Ford Mustang comes with an independent rear axle, it might seem like half its problems are solved. Nonetheless, there could be some other challenges.

Ford Mustangs with independent rear axles experience wheel hop. This situation involves the car’s back tires bouncing when accelerating forcefully from rest or while on motion.

This situation leads to a rapid vibration in the cabin. This leads to unwanted changes in the car tire which ends up having an effect on the car’s balance. Therefore, making it difficult to control

Open Differential: One Reason Ford Mustangs end up crashing into the crowd is because some of them have an open differential as against having a limited slip differential.

With an open differential, increased wheel rotation gets sent to the outside wheel when the car is turning.

With a loss in tire traction comes some power directed to the wheel that has least traction. In this situation, when the driver experiences a loss in traction, the tendency of being unable to control the car increases significantly.

Unlike an open differential, a limited slip differential maintains traction and is able to spot when a wheel is beginning to slip.

It does this by ensuring the rear wheels get locked together and directing torque towards the non-slipping wheel.

When a car makes use of an open differential, traction control is usually missing. So, if the car is high powered such as a Mustang, traction will be greatly reduced and this will result in an absolute loss of control.

Why is the Ford Mustang Plagued by A snap-Over steer

The Ford Mustang is not the only car that deals with a snap-over steer. However, its reasons for being plagued with a snap over-steer is just the popularity of the car.

Please note that all rear wheel drive cars have “snap oversteer” so it’s not just a Ford Mustang thing.

This problem has to do with the driver and the way the car is driven, hence if you make it oversteer, it will oversteer same thing is applicable to other rear wheel drive cars.

Are Mustangs Easy To Crash?

Mustangs are not exactly easy to crash if you drive carefully.

Just like we have said, the car come with a lot of horse power and at same time just cheap, this alone attracts all kind of reckless drivers

Everything has to do with experience, if you are an inexperienced driver and try pulling stunts that you have not spent time practicing, you will find the Ford Mustang to be really easy to crash.

Is a Mustang a Dangerous Car?

Being a symbol of the American sports car,most recent version now comes with integrated knee airbag, rear-view camera, electronic stability control and most importantly post-crash alert system.

If you need an additional safety feature all for your safety then you need to look at “The Ford Safe and Smart package” which guarantees you with pedestrian detection, emergency braking, pre-collision assist and most importantly rain-sensing wipers.

Please be inform that the added security safety features comes at a cost which means you will have to purchase it separately

With all this standard safety equipment you have less to worry about.

The Mustang is not really different from other cars when you drive without puling any stunt.

However, it becomes dangerous when you try to pull a stunt without having a vivid understanding of how it works.




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