Where are Champion radiators made: How Good Are they ?

Where are Champion radiators made?

A good radiator and other cooling system components in the car ensures that the engine runs smoothly.

In auto shops, you may find a variety of car radiator brands, including those from China, the United States, and Germany.

Champion and Griffin are two brands that come to mind.

Champion radiators are originally made in China, and their top brand, American Eagle, is produced in their California factory. While Griffin is an American brand.

Where a brand is made sometimes, get a positive review, by this means increases patronage.

For example, Champion radiators are said to be manufactured by the Chinese, sadly many consider their products to be inferior.

This car radiator brand is cheaper than others hence the wrong idea about the brand.

The objective of a radiator in an automobile is to cool the hot liquid coming from your engine by lowering its temperature.

Motorists understand that the vehicle cooling system is vital and a good brand can surely keep the car engine in check.

Radiators are offered in three different types on the global market: copper-brass, plastic, and aluminium,

but aluminium is mostly found in modern cars because it is better for heat transfer.


Are champion aluminium radiators any good?

Aluminium radiators are better in terms of heat transfer. The Champion aluminium radiators are good. If you are looking for a cheaper radiator brand, you possibly will consider Champion radiators.

Another aspect that shows that the Champion aluminium radiators are okay is the cooling system.

When buying just make sure that you use the right core. As long as the electric fans are working perfectly, there won’t be issues like overheating or smoke coming out from the engine.

Do bigger radiators cool better than small ones?

Do not be deceived by the size. Bigger radiators don’t cool better than small ones. A-3 core gets your engine chilled more than a core 4.

You must know that when it is too big, there won’t be much flow as the electric fan cannot circulate well.

Does the size of the radiator matter?

Size is important because if you are using a bigger size, there won’t be adequate airflow.

In this case, it is not about the dimension but the balancing. A bigger radiator will prevent the electric fan from circulating properly, which can cause the engine to become overly hot,

then when you use a smaller radiator, the transfer of heat will be little.

Therefore, vehicle type will determine the radiator size.

Griffin or Champion radiator which is better?

Choosing between Griffin and Champion radiator may include some elements like durability, price, efficiency etc.

These are great brands, however, Griffin radiators are widely considered as the best radiator brands.

Shroud and fan are some of the perks motorists go for this highly rated radiator.

The brand is good and ensures that customers get exactly what they pay for.

Griffin Radiator fit well, works great with the heating problem and also, there are no issues with the radiator cap.

Outstandingly, Griffin radiator ensures that your engine deals with the heat, and sees that you get the most power out of it.

Griffin compact systems are made to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications, allowing for easy integration with modern cars.

Griffin offers both universal fit and built-to-order parts for vehicles with bespoke engine specs.

On the other hand, Champion radiators handle temperature very well, but one issue that drivers have complained about is the issue of not fitting well.

The Griffin features two 1.25″ core tubes against four 0.63″ tubes in the Champions.

The 0.75″ tubes on the Champion 3 core are bigger.

Champion radiators cool well, but you’ll need to relocate some mounting holes and adjust your fan shroud to make it fit.

Champion radiator vs. Wizard radiator which is better?

Wizard radiator is another brand constructed exclusively in the United States.

Wizard Cooling specializes in the design and construction of specialized performance radiators and cooling solutions for all types of automobiles.

Wizard is a fantastic company. Their radiators are considered better than Champion radiators in a general sense,

since, the cores and tanks are both efficient than Champion radiators, and the issue of not fitting in the Champion radiator is not on the Wizard radiators.


The radiator is an important component in the cooling system. The liquid cooling system circulates liquid through the engine block’s paths continuously.

The radiator contains cooling fans that force fresh air over it, the radiator cap is never removed unless it needs to be replaced.

The radiator is not replaced now and then unless it has become bad. At least, it can stay up to 5 years before it starts showing a need for replacement.

The common signs are smoke coming from the engine, overheating and coolant seeping from your vehicle.

Choosing a brand over others may not be a walk in the park, sometimes, drivers use a brand before they can tell which one is better,

however, if you’re on a budget, Champion radiators are better, while Griffin gets the thumbs up for a better radiator.

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