What is the Difference between Cannondale Supersix and Supersix Evo?

There are so many road bikes out there today, with many of them claiming to be the best.

Because of the multitude, you may even be confused about the right one to choose among them.

Cannondale Supersix and Supersix Evo are two of the best bikes money can buy, and they both come with their individual qualities.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will provide you with reviews of the two of them and help you choose the better one for you.


Cannondale Supersix

This bike is a well-rounded road bike, and its performance is top-notch. The product is lightweight and has an incomparable stiffness.

Its aerodynamic design makes it even more impressive. It offers smooth riding, and it can give you a winning edge over other types of bikes.

The bike is designed to give you a lot of speed. It is both ultra-fast and ultra-light. You can ride the bike with ease in different road conditions.

You can ride it on the open road, uphill or downhill. Its speed and agility make this product truly special.


  • The bike comes with a sharp handing geometry, and it feels easy to handle
  • The bike is lightweight, and you will rarely feel any drag when riding it.
  • Its frameset is also made of carbon and this confers more lightweight on it
  • Furthermore, the product features an integrated App for straightforward connectivity
  • Its aerodynamic design makes it just perfect for a top-speed ride.
  • It comes with higher steering power than its Evo version by 20%
  • Its pedaling stiffness is also higher than the Evo version by 4%
  • The product is a lot cheapest than the Evo version


  • The product tends to be heavy, and this discourages many buyers.
  • It may be lightweight, but it is heavier than the Evo version
  • A gravel riding experience
  • It also does not offer as much comfort as one would expect
  • Also, its versatility is not so impressive
  • It does not look as fanciful as the Evo version

Cannondale Supersix Evo

Cannondale Supersix Evo

Cannondale Supersix Evo is a road bike with a unique riding experience. The bike is versatile and can offer a good measure of comfort to the rider.

The bike is also highly affordable. If you are looking for a bike that can handle virtually everything, this bike is one of the best to consider.

The bike gives the rider a pure feeling of speed, and it can handle different types of roads conveniently.

The bike’s design makes it truly stand out from what you can get in many other bikes. The bike is made for speed also, and it can get you to your location in a jiffy.

Virtually everything about this bike is put in place to reduce its weight. For example, its cockpits, crank ad even wheels are lighter than what obtains in the non-Evo version.

The product has a unique shape that places it several steps ahead of the non-Evo type.

Some of its outstanding advantages are highlighted below


  • The bike is aerodynamic in its design, and this offers a very smooth ride on all road conditions
  • It can ride well on rough roads and even in the saddle.
  • The bike is useful for stealth branding also
  • Furthermore, it has up to 30mm tire clearance, and this ensures it can pass through any road condition hassle-free
  • The product comes with a Speed Release design, and this confers more control on it.
  • The tires are tubeless, and its wheels are made of stock carbon. So, they are powerful and will last for a long time.
  • there is this incomparable stability in the bike, and it can even inspire confidence while you are on to
  • It can work perfectly uphill and downhill.
  • It feels highly efficient when you ride it uphill.
  • It is lighter than the non-Evo version by up to 235g. Its weight is 10065g.


  • The stock tires are not tubeless also too narrow, thereby casting doubts on their stability
  • You may get a crack in the hidden seat post wedge
  • The bike has cranks that are somewhat heavy and doesn’t look so attractive.
  • You can find sweat pooling on the top tube, especially its flat portion.

Comparison between Cannondale Supersix and Supersix Evo

  • The non-Evo version is cheaper than the Evo version of the Cannondale Supersix
  • The peddling stiffness in the higher by up to 20% in the non-Evo version than the other one
  • Also, the steering stiffness in the none Evo version is 4% more than what obtains in the Evo version

As a result of the lower peddling stiffness in the Evo version, it is better for those riding on a cornering road since it is easier to control the bike around corners.

If you are not traveling along cornering roads too often, you may stay glued to the non-Evo version with higher pedal stiffness.

The non-Evo version may not navigate corners without skidding and loss of traction due to the higher flexibility.

If you are not such an expert in biking, the Evo version may be a better choice for you since it is easier to handle than the other one.

Furthermore, those who are looking for a more fanciful bike can go for the Evo version.

However, in terms of shape, the non-Evo type looks better since it maintains the classic aesthetic tube-like shape that is not common among bikes these days.

Be that as it may, the Evo version looks more mature than the non-Evo version in design.

So, adults looking for a bike that seems designed for adults can go for this one.

The new shape in the Evo version can lower drag by up to 30%. It equally features an aerodynamic design that adds more to the speed you can generate.

This means that you will get a lot more speed from the Cannondale Supersix Evo than the none-Evo version of the bike. You should closely consider these features when looking for the better bike for you.

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