What does Shimano equipped Mean and What Products They make?

Shimano is a company in Japan that produces cycling components, rowing equipment and fishing parts.

It is a Japanese multinational company that is really popular in the world for its global bicycle components like wheel, pedal, drivetrain and brake which can be used for hybrid bikes, track and mountain bikes.

It was founded by Shozaburo Shimano on February 1921 in Sakai, Osaka, Japan. It is also headquartered at the same place. The company at present is said to have a net income of $462.65 million but full revenue of $2.93 billion.

This company has been around for over a decade and can be adjudge as a state of the art firm when it comes to innovation.

It works and produces products in response to the demands of cyclists world-wide

Shimano is known to have integrated brake lever and shifter into the road bicycles. They are good with the development of fresh technologies and wow their world with their creative ideas, high quality components and originality.

Shimano has really evolved through the years to stand as the undisputed super company it has become today.

In this article you would be presented with more accurate and honest information on what the company is all about.


What Does Shimano Equipped Mean?

When a bike is advertised as shimano equipped, it suggest that the bike components are all shimano brand.

They are other good brands for bike components out there like the SRAM and campagnolo. So each of this brand will always compete with one another.

So shimano equipped mean that a bike has only its parts and might be from the cheapest range.

The bike will be seen as a low-end bike, not because shimano is a cheap brand but it is used as a catchphrase or slogan in the first place.

Is shimano a good bike brand?

Shimano as earlier stated is the world greatest when it comes to bike components, though they do not produce bikes.

Getting a bike with shimano component is really good. This is a known brand and their parts can be easily source in the market, it won’t be difficult to replace them when need be.

This is one advantage of buying this company’s components they are always available when needed. Again, when you need a component that will be durable and long lasting then you can count on the brand.

How good are shimano shifters?

Definitely Shimano shifters are among the best in the world. They are great and perfect for MTB experience. Regardless of the terrain with this brand shifter you can maintain a steady speed.

The essence is that it will help users save energy as they can pedal for a long time. So the bottom-line is that mountain bike experience will be awesome with this shifters. Example is the shimano ultegra 6800 STI shifters; this shifter is accurate and precise for use.

Shimano shifters have shorter lever strokes, are crisp downshifting and up shifting, have outward curved design to suit most hands and come with carbon filter shifter.

Why is shimano so popular?

Shimano is rated the most recognized bicycle gearing system globally. The system tends to be the most reliable and dependable by bicycle lovers.

The brand has diverse system for hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes and lot more.

Can I buy directly from shimano?

Unfortunately, the products from Shimano can’t be bought directly from them; you need to go through a distributor, a dealer or a retailer.

So it is mostly a distributor or a dealer that can buy directly from them. if you need their parts then you go on their official site, to get a dealer closest to you to buy.

How can you tell a fake shimano?

Just like any brand that will be faced with the issue of others imitating their products, shimano is no exception.

There are fake components of this brand and until you know how to spot them, you might not know they are fake. So always use the following to spot fake components for your bike.

  • The component parts will feel sloppy and has loose tolerance
  • The paint on the body is applied in an uneven way
  • The low or high text is not molded into the level like it always be, but printed on it
  • The moldings is not smooth as the original it has a rough surface
  • Then most of the molding or pieces have very sharp edges. This means that they have skimped the finishing processes via inadequate tumbling and deburring.
  • The bolt of components will be very loose and changing into high gears will be a problem.

Does Shimano Make Frames?

Yes, the brand has been making frames for a long period of time now. They are mostly used for marketing functions.

They are also used to save an air of neutrality. This is mostly when there’s need to showcase new components either like demos or in trade shows.

Which company owns shimano?

Shimano is a business that was incorporated and called Shimano iron works co Ltd but it has been renamed now as Shimano industrial co. Ltd.


Their business philosophy is to manufacture products that enable them interact well with nature via outdoor activities they need.

The company has been trying to close the gap that urban cities have created. The sometimes seems to be a wide gap between humans and nature.

The brand seeks to make product components that will help to promote natural activities.

The company is a highly respected and reputed company that has high quality components. So you can go for them and try them out. But don’t forget there are fakes of this brand too, so be sure you are buying the original.

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