Trek 930 Mountain Bike : 8 Questions Answers

If you have been following the page for a while you would notice we have been discussing some of the world’s best road and mountain bikes.

Having discussed Schwinn crisscross and Cannondale R500 bikes, we are shifting our attention to another crowd-pulling and quality product, the Trek singletrack 930.


What Is Trek Singletrack 930?

Singletrack 930 is one of the bikes manufactured by Trek Bikes, famously known for its experience in the industry.

Having been in the business since 1976, the American company knows how and what it takes to craft a quality device that will last long.

You should expect nothing but quality from the Trek 930 singletrack bike. Talking of Trek 930, it is a lovely bike featuring all the attributes expected in a durable mountain bike.

Is Trek 930 a Mountain Bike?

Yes. the Trek 930 bike is a mountain bike suitable for all kinds of terrain and roads.

With the bike, you can successfully engage in off-road cycling competition as it possesses all the attributes required to navigate patchy, rocky, and irregular paths.

Being a mountain bike doesn’t mean it can’t function perfectly on a normal road or is restricted to just mountainous terrain.

Instead, it means the Trek 930 is built to perform effectively on normal roads and rough terrain without suffering any damages.

The Trek 930, like every other mountain bike, is a lightweight product as it weighs 29lb (frame 5.12 lbs and fork 3.26 lb).

In terms of wheels, the highly-rated bike features a Shimano STX hub, a 135-mm rear axle spacing, 14-gauge DT stainless steel spokes which promise a quick release.

There is an angled tread in the center of the front tire which guarantees better steering, while the rear tire possesses a horizontal thread that allows it digs deep into the ground whenever you accelerate.

1990s Trek bicycle features 26″ tires, but that’s not the case anymore. The company has upgraded to the larger rear and front tires such as 27.5″ and 29″, depending on the size of the wheel.

What Year did the Trek 930 Come Out?

Trek 930 is an old product manufactured in the early 90s. It is believed that the first generation of the Trek 930 was created in 1990, portraying an old-fashioned but classic design.

The US-based company ensures a constant upgrade to the Trek 930 series; thereby, providing users the opportunity to choose from the available modernized designs and structures.

How do I tell what year my Trek bike is Manufactured?

You have to refer to the bike’s serial number to know its year of production. The serial number consists of the year of production and other important facts you should know about your bike.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to locate the Trek serial number. The Trek 930 singletrack bike has its serial number on the frame’s underside, close to the bottom bracket.

There is a sticker with a barcode, gently look at the it until you see the numbers on it. The company placed the serial number in such a strategic place as part of its desire to hide it from being seen easily by the public.

You should be told that the serial number is equally referred to as Frame IDs in few cases. Alternatively —

as it is seen on few occasions, the bike’s serial number can be seen somewhere near the cranks, topside, seat tube, head tube, rear stays, or chainstays.

Check the product’s receipt if it’s not on any of the parts mentioned above, although it rarely occurs.

We will show you how to know your bike’s production date via your serial number as we proceed. Meanwhile, other ways to discover the production dates include enquiring from the Company, and checking the user’s manual.

Importance Of Trek 930 Serial Number

Apart from disclosing the bike’s manufactured year, the serial number also helps authorities track your bike should it go missing.

You can only explore this benefit if you’ve registered the serial number with the relevant authorities. Interestingly, you can register your bike by visiting the official page.

How do you read a trek serial number?

Reading and understanding a Trek serial number is quite simple if you know the logic. The serial number contains figures which can be easily misinterpreted.

Closely look at your Trek bike, you would notice the serial number comes in “WTU060QU0110R” format.

Now listen carefully! The first three figures after the “WTU” letters represent the production day in the year.

Considering the sample above, the number is 060, meaning the bike was produced on the 60th day of the year which is equivalent to the 1st of March.

The two letters in the middle (QU) stand for the manufacturing company’s code. The four number/figures (0110) is the bike’s position in the list of bikes produced during the day.

The final letter (R) stands for the year of production. This is a bit tricky but it’s quite easy if you understand the list below.

D – 2009

E – 2010

F – 2011

G – 2012

H – 2013

J – 2014

K – 2015

L – 2016

M – 2017

N – 2018

P – 2019

Q – 2020

R – 2021

S – 2022

T – 2023

U – 2024

V – 2025

W – 2026. Hence, R means 2021. Hope you understand the logic?

What size pedals go on trek 930?

There are different sizes of pedals, but only two are mostly seen in mountain bikes. The first pedal size is 9/16 ” x 20 (14.28 x 1.27 mm) TPI.

It’s presently the most common pedal size in the market and numerous manufacturers are in love with it.

Big and established brands, including Trek, Specialized, Giant, deploy this pedal thread in their products.

So, the Trek 930 mountain bike has a 9/16 ” x 20 (14.28 x 1.27 mm) tpi size. Meanwhile, ½” x 20 TPI (12.7 x 1.27 mm) is the second common pedal size.

Though pedals of this thread aren’t common, you can’t completely overlook the chances of seeing it on your bike. You should check the pedal size of your bicycle to ascertain what you have.

How Many Gears On Trek 930 Singletrack?

The earliest generation of the Trek 930 mountain bike, which was produced in 1996, has a Shimano 7-speed freewheel on a Deore FH-m563 hub on a 7-speed tick shifter.

The 00s version of the Trek 930 features a 9-speed gear that guarantees more acceleration and mobility than the previous ones.

Notwithstanding, you can decide to upgrade to a more speedy and effective gear by changing to a new cassette that supports a better freehub.

Don’t hesitate to consult an experienced rider or any 930 owners for advice before taking such a decision.


We hope this article provides the information you need to get a quality Trek 930 bike of your choice.

Do you have further questions on how to decode a serial number? Feel free to reach us via the comments section.


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