Tesla Early Access Program:How To Access The FSD Beta

Do you desire to know everything about the Tesla Early Access Program? Then, stay on this page for few minutes as we are set to unveil what Tesla Early Access Program is all about.


What are Tesla Early Access Programs?

Tesla’s Early Access Program (EAP) is a program created by Tesla as a platform for their customers or owners of their product to share comments and feedback.

The program allows Tesla to send beta builds to registered owners so they can easily receive user’s remarks about their vehicles’ capacities.

To participate in the Tesla Early Access program, you need to register to the EAP waitlist while you exercise patience for a spot to open up.Tesla Early Access Program

Alternatively, you can participate in the Early Access Program if you recently purchased the company’s full self-driving vehicle and package.

According to a report via the automaker’s website, customers will receive an official invitation to participate in the program if they have the Full Self-Driving package.

Who can access FSD beta?

You can access the FSD beta from anywhere in the world as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • You must purchase the full self-driving program.
  • You must have a Tesla automobile that supports the FSD beta version.

How To Access The FSD Beta

According to series of tweets by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, users can sign up for the FSD package via the in-car display screen. Meanwhile, below is outlined a step-by-step guide to joining the FSD beta latest version:

  • Visit the “Service” section
  • Press the “Download Beta” option.
  • Then follow subsequent steps to complete other required installation procedures. You are ineligible to explore the FSD beta features until you complete the installation.

How do you get into the Tesla Early Access Program?

Just as mentioned earlier, you will be invited to take an active role in the Tesla Early access program once you have purchased the FSD program.

The company’s invitation gives you the chance to review all new features added to any of their self-driving software before they are available to all users.

How do I get into the Tesla FSD beta program?

You can get into the Tesla FSD beta program by following all the procedures required to access the FSD beta program, which are discussed above already.

What To Know About Tesla’s FSD beta version 9

The full self-driving beta 9 version remains unarguably Tesla’s most anticipated packages.

Elon Musk has been tweeting about the software since 2018, revealing that the FSD beta version 9 will be available sooner than later.

According to him, the FSD is currently in its final stages and it is being tested by some selected members of the company. In his words, FSD Beta 9 is an upgrade to the previous versions as it addresses almost all known issues.

Despite admitting that the anticipated FSD software might not be completely flawless, Musk believes users would enjoy the software once it is finally out.


We believe you now know how to take part in the Tesla Early Access Program. Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to pass your questions across to us if there are other details you would love to know about all the packages discussed above.


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