Should I Buy A Mustang With 150k Miles ? How Reliable?

Mustang cars are excellent sports cars. It is famous for its terrific engine, elegance and speed.

There are a variety of Fords Mustangs; depending on the maintenance and mileage covered, a Ford Mustang can last for years. In this article, we shall walk you through on the number of miles a Mustang should cover.

Typically, Mustangs are known for control; the number of miles it has covered and how you take care of the car would determine if it will last long.

Ford Mustangs are well-made, it is not one of those Porsche cars that can easily get wretched with a little contact.

If you are buying a new Mustang, you must know the necessary things to do so that the car can last long. Such as constant changing of oil and plugs.

While this is not the same with a used Mustang, before making payment, you should check the mileage it has covered. It is assumed that a Ford Mustang can go around 200,000 miles.

The average annual mileage is around 12,000 miles, therefore, paying too much for a Mustang with 150,000 miles doesn’t sound like a good buy.

So, is this all about miles or maintenance? These two are intertwined. A car that has covered fewer miles, would require less maintenance cost, while a car that has covered more miles would also require much attention and cost.

Purchasing a newer car with higher mileage is preferable to purchasing an older car with fewer miles.

Furthermore, cars with higher mileage tend to live longer because they lubricate themselves more frequently and burn carbon build-up, both of which are beneficial to a long-lasting engine.

That being said, it is important you know what is considered high mileage. The number of miles travelled by an average driver in regards to the age of the car is referred to as high mileage.

In most cases, putting 12,000 to 15,000 miles on your car each year is considered typical.


Is 150k miles a lot for a Mustang?

Since the expected mileage dimmed okay is 200,000 miles, then 150,000 miles is not so bad; however, you shouldn’t only emphasize on the miles. Check other factors like the brakes, transmission, shocks and the engine.

If all these are satisfactory, except for the engine, you can go ahead and buy, but make sure you replace the engine; using the right model.

Are Mustangs reliable after 100k miles?

Normally, a car with more than 100,000 miles is termed to be on the average mark. Once it has reached this, it is likely to go another 100,000 miles or fewer.

But you should know that vehicles that have travelled up to 100,000 miles or more are more prone to have issues.

Is 200,000 miles bad on a Mustang?

This may be considered the highest miles a Mustang should cover. Nonetheless, you can still buy a Mustang with up to 200,000 miles on it if there are no other issues to worry about,

also, if you can’t let it go especially because the owner is selling it at a very cheap price.

However, you must exercise caution when purchasing a vehicle with high mileage. Some high-mileage vehicles aren’t a wise investment.Should I buy a Mustang with 150 k

They’ve just been driven and, in some cases, abused for far too many kilometres, and the outcome might be a vehicle with problems.

What is a reasonable mileage for a used Mustang?

It may not just be the mileage alone; a used car may have some issues that can be so frustrating. For a reasonable mileage for a used car, it can endure between 100-150k miles if properly maintained and cared for.

Is it worth keeping a car with high mileage?

Ideally, purchasing a new car with higher mileage is preferable to purchasing an older car with fewer miles.

Cars with higher mileage, on the other hand, tend to live longer because the engine lubricates itself more frequently and burns carbon buildup, both of which are beneficial to a long-lasting engine.

For example, a five-year-old car with fewer than 60,000 kilometres could be promoted as low mileage. Low-mileage cars are preferred by used car purchasers because they have suffered less wear and tear and are expected to last longer.

While a five-year-old car with more than 60,000 miles on the odometer is considered high mileage.

How many miles do Mustangs usually last?

There is no exact total number of miles a Mustang should last but a Ford Mustang with 200,000 kilometres on the clock is considered typical. Experts suggest that with proper maintenance and care, it can last even longer.

Do Mustangs break down a lot?

Mustangs are well-made. They do not break down easily unless the Mustang had a problem with oil leaks and if not addressed, these issues could result in significant engine damage.


Ford Mustangs are quite durable if properly maintained. These vehicles are capable of lasting 200,000 kilometres without breaking down.

For the mustang to last long, it is ultimately determined by how you care for the car.

Finally, it is totally up to you whether or not you purchase an automobile that has covered up to 150,000 miles.

Generally, a car with over 100,000 miles on its odometer isn’t a bad investment, but you shouldn’t place your emphasis on the number of miles covered. Before making payment, ask your auto mechanic to have a proper check on the car.




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