Schwinn CrissCross Bicycle: 6 things to know note

Have you ever asked yourself why Schwinn CrissCross is highly rated among bicycle owners? Apart from its obvious sleek and attractive design, the well-known bicycle also portraits impressive attributes which we will discuss in this article.

Through this post, you will know the average price of an old Schwinn CrissCross bicycle; how to differentiate between Schwinn CrissCross and other bicycles, the current price, why you should go for it, and other interesting details about the lovely bike.


How To Know Schwinn CrissCross Bicycle

There are thousands of bicycles in the market; hence, it can be challenging to distinguish a Schwinn bicycle from the rest unless you know the brand’s logo and other distinguishing features discussed below:

  1. The first and most effective way to know or distinguish the Schwinn bicycles— including CrissCross— is the brand’s logo broadly written on the frame.
  2. Balloon Frame: Schwinn products are known for their balloon frame, and CrissCross isn’t excepted. Though not all Schwinn bicycles possess this attribute, the latest CrissCross bicycle has a balloon frame
  3. Balloon Tires: Balloon tires have a wide wheel and large diameter. They are wider than other types of tires and they have all it takes to go over sands. Thanks to the balloon tires, Schwinn products are referred to as beach cruisers because you can comfortably ride on beaches.
  4. Wide Seat: Schwinn bicycles, including CrissCross, boasts wide seats ranging from 10 to 12 inches wide. The seat is wide so it can accommodate most of the bicycle’s average bottom size.
  5. The Serial number: The serial number is another feature that would help you signify a Schwinn CrissCross bicycle without any difficulty. Other attributes to look out for while distinguishing a Schwinn bicycle from other brands include a Cantilever frame, Spring fork, Back wheel brake, and Kickstands.

How Much Does a Schwinn CrissCross Weighs?

The first generation of Schwinn CrissCross bicycles is heavier than the modernized version. The 1994 Schwinn CrissCross, one of the earliest generations of the brand, weighs close to 28 pounds.

It’s a hybrid bike featuring a steel and Chromoly frame. Just as the name implies, CrissCross 1994 was launched in 1994 and you need nothing less than $350 to purchase it — it’s quite affordable.

The fully rigid bicycle consists of Shimano Alivio components, such as a steel MTB stem and grip-shift SRT-300i shifters. It equally boasts of 7 speeds, 622mm x 38mm wheel, aluminum rims, and balloon tires.

Schwinn CrissCross Where to Find Model Number?

Generally, Schwinn bicycles produced from 1960 to 1969 have their model numbers on the right REAR AXLE MOUNT.

As for the ones launched between 1970 and 1979, you will see the serial number on the lower HEADTUBE, which is right above the bikes’ front wheel.

Should you have a Schwinn bicycle produced in 1980 and beyond, you are advised to check the BOTTOM BRACKET SHELL which is also known as the Rear Axle hanger that holds the wheel in perfect position.

How To Understand Schwinn Bicycle Serial Number

If your bicycle has 55 030788 120 as a Serial number, below is the breakdown of its meaning.

* Size of the bike’s frame = 55

* Day and Month of production = 7th of March (0307)

* Manufactured Year = 1988

* Sequence Number= 120. Hope you understand the logic? Feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

What About old Schwinn Bicycle Produced Before 1960?

Unfortunately, Schwinn bicycles in this category don’t have a modernized serial number because the company hasn’t deployed an accurate and effective numbering system at that time.

Nonetheless, you might still find some letters on your bike signifying the month it was produced. For instance, the pre-1960 bikes feature some letters like A to L which represent January to December.

Why Are Schwinn Bikes So Cheap?

* Components’ Quality: One of the reasons behind Schwinn’s cheap tags is the component’s relatively less quality. It is believed that Schwinn bicycles possess lesser quality when compared to other expensive products.

According to a review from a verified user, the bicycle won’t last for 6 years without experiencing a loss in quality and shape as a result of the less component quality.

No one expects a $900 CrissCross bicycle to outclass Goldgenie’s 24K Gold Men’s Racing Bike sold at $393,000.

Nonetheless, it is safe to say that Schwinn remains a top-notch quality product in its own right. At least it delivers great service within the first three years of purchase.

* The Quest to Regain Customers Trust: We can’t discuss Schwinn’s history without mentioning the financial crisis it encountered before being sold out to a new investor.

The financial crisis eventually led to bankruptcy and loss of interest in their bicycles. However, after completing all the paperwork and handing over the process in 2001,

the new owner probably believes that the best way to attract people’s attention involves reducing the price just as implied in the law of demand and supply. Hence, he chose to sell a cheap bicycle to improve the sales rate and customer base.

* Cheap bikes, such as the Schwinn bicycles, are mostly assembled in low-salary earning countries. Therefore, the selling price is affordable as long as profits are guaranteed by the end of the transaction.

Are old Schwinn Bikes Worth Anything?

The prices of old Schwinn bikes vary depending on the year of production, sizes, condition, customer demand, and availability in the market. a vintage Schwinn Breeze bicycle worth just $70, while a Schwinn Excelsior made in 1920s is sold at $900.

Visit eBay orVintageschwinn to see the list of different old Schwinn bicycles and their financial values.

Are New Schwinn Bikes Any Good?

Yes! The company’s experience, sleek design, affordability all make a new Schwinn bicycle one of the quality products within its price range. It is unlikely to see a better brand with such affordable prices.

In the same vein, a new Schwinn bicycle has numerous friendly-beginner features, including a built-in kickstand, Spring fork, Cantilever frame, balloon tires, and rear-wheel brake.

How Can You Tell How Old a Schwinn Bike Is?

Viewing the serial number written on any of the frames discussed earlier provides you the opportunity to know your bike’s manufactured date and year. It, therefore, helps you determine how long it’s been existing.

Alternatively, you can explore a third-party website to check your Schwinn bike’s date and year of production.

Visit bikehistory, then type the serial number in the appropriate box. Click on the “find” link to see all the required details on the subsequent page.


We recommend Schwinn CrissCross bicycle if you are interested in getting a bicycle for your short distance trip or cruising on the beach shore.

Meanwhile, you might need a more expensive and formidable bike if you intend to cover a lengthy distance or doing a very tedious sporting activity.


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