Jeep Wrangler Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Wiring Problems explained

The WSS(Whee Speed Sensor) is responsible for measuring the wheel speed of your vehicle. These values are then sent to the vehicle’s ECU which controls all electronic functions of your jeep.

Some of the likely problems that are associated with a rear wheel speed sensor wiring are discussed below


How do I know if my wheel speed sensor is bad on my Jeep JK?

Your wheel speed sensor (also known as ABS)is attached to the center of your wheel ,and it’s responsible for a lot of the vehicular functions like traction-control , speed and the anti-locking braking system.

Once the sensor goes bad, a lot of those vehicular functions won’t be running so smoothly again. And you can tell this once you’re driving. But this mostly comes from experience.Jeep Wrangler Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Wiring Problems

Some other signs of bad ABS include , ABS lights getting illuminated on the dashboard , Anti-locking braking System holding up the front tire and the traction-control light becoming active .

One of the surest ways that’s foolproof is by hooking up a voltmeter to measure the voltage output . Once it’s the output is below standard , then it’s best to have it change by certified ASE mechanic.

How many wires does a wheel speed sensor have?

Today’s vehicles come with only two types of sensors , the passive and the active. The most common of passive sensors usually have a magnetic pin that’s embedded with a fine copper wire . This is usually wrapped around it in order to create a magnetic field.

This polarity of this sensor changes as the toothed metal ring, often called a tone ring, passes through the magnetic field generated .

The tone ring is then attached to a part of the wheel that’s rotating at the same speed as the wheel itself. An examples of such a part is the axle shaft, or the differential of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle .

One thing to note here is that a passive sensor generates AC signals change in frequency as the continues in rotation by changing speed.

These signals are then converted and interpreted by the ABS control module and helps in monitoring all the speed inputs coming from motion of the wheels .

Once the system notices a decline in the speed , the hydraulic pressures in the wheel(s) is reduced and traction returns .

In the case of an active wheel speed sensor , a digital signal is created that used hall effect or what may be called variable reluctance signal that has a wave pattern in the form of a square.

The sensor could have two to three wires in which one is used to supply voltage from the ABS to the control module .

Digital sensors are not only accurate at predicting slow speeds but are also capable of determining the direction the wheel is turning to.

Can you splice a wheel speed sensor?

Please avoid splicing the speed sensor as this could ruin the ABS and other sensitive functions on your jeep.

Why? Many modern vehicles have VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor ) that controls wheel speed Vehicle dynamic control system (VDC), automotive electronic stabilization program (ESP), anti-lock braking system (ABS), automatic transmission .

Once there is a splicing , you could damage anyone of these functions. Now you may be considering the xostv, but it would be wiser if your considered the implications attached to splicing the wheel speed sensors of your vehicle.

And if you’re having trouble with your speed sensor or wiring , just visit the auto shop and have them run a scan just to be sure .

Can a speed sensor be repaired?

A speed sensor can’t be repaired but it can be replaced. Most modern day vehicles come with speed and their basic function is to monitor the vehicle’s transmission .

This information moves to engine’s computer which then regulates the speedometer. This is important because the speedometer helps you measure the correct speed you’re traveling.

You can replace the speed sensor by doing the following

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a surface that’s leveled . Once this is done , push the emergency brake and allow the engine’s components to cool by switching off engine off for 20-30minutes .

Step 2: place jacks underneath your vehicle and lift until there’s room for you to slide under.

Step 3:Look on the passenger , you’ll see the vehicle’s transmission with the speed sensor, it is on the right of the transmission. Once you’ve located it, look a plug-type component that pops from the side. That’s speed sensor and it’s has an electrical connector coming out of it and its roughly 3 inches in length

Step 4 : Unplug the electrical wire by pulling the base of the wire connector out of the plug. You’ll see a bolt . Remove it by using a wrench this exposed the sensor which you can take out and replace by putting in a new sensor .

What causes ABS sensor to fail?

ABS sensors can’t last a life time because they are basically located at the bottom of your vehicle ,and as time goes ,the reluctor wheel becomes covered with dirt , mud , and just about anything the elements can throw at it to cause it to get damaged .

And once sensors are damaged ,there’ll be disruptions in the overall reading that bring up, causes inconsistent in some of the vehicular functions like in the speed and braking functions.

Once these signs are there , the ABS with not function properly and may most likely require servicing .

What happens if you disconnect or unplug ABS sensor?

Disconnecting or unplugging the ABS sensor would limit some vehicular functions like the antilock function ,the brakes and trigger the ABS warning light .

However , disconnecting the ABS sensor is often done where one of the the vehicle’s sensors is bad and in need of a mechanic. Some cases of disconnecting two or more sensors could make the vehicle’s stopping distance to be longer.

But this is risky, because the ABS sensors are not all running , different coefficients friction would emerge on all four tyres causing a swing around that would stir the vehicle out of control

Can I drive without speed sensor?

Driving without a speed sensor is super risky, and it makes it technically impossible to operate your vehicle to the level you’ll be comfortable with.

This is one of the reasons why a faulty vehicle speed sensor could affect the overall operation of your vehicle, and it’s best to replace a the speed sensor(s) once you start noticing signs of failure in the component.

Once you notice any the symptoms of a bad speed sensor , it’s recommended that you take your jeep to the mechanic immediately. And if you’re competent enough to address the problem, you could also do it yourself.

Taking this precautionary step would not only ensure your saftey , but also save you and your pocket from the hassles that come from expensive engine and transmission damages .

Remember, an engine replacement is one of the most expensive things to have done on your vehicle!

Will a bad speed sensor stop a car from shifting?

A bad speed densor does not completely stop a car from shifting , but you can experience some form of jerkiness due to the fact that the speed sensors are primarily responsible for the transmission of your vehicle.

Most speed sensors operate on the principle of input and output signals and lossing this vital information could result to the malfunctioning of some parts gear mechanisms in your vehicle.

This is what’s responsible for revving failure . But using a scan tool could help in verifying whether or not the proper signals of outputs measure up .

Can you repair broken ABS sensor wire?

Many vehicles often experien problems that relate to either ABS wheel , the speed sensors or the ABS wiring harnesses. One the factors that often contribute to having broken wires are the harsh climatic conditions.

This is also includes haphazard motions that move in multiple directions causing breaks in the wres that turn on the ABS light. But you can repair the broken wire by soldering it . When doing this , please do not use a crimp connector.

Why ? Because the electrical signals running through the wire are of the low voltage kind . Once a crimp connector is used, there will definitely be a voltage drop . This causes a complete loss in signals.

So ensure that you clean all wires in the splice , after that , used electronics solder. Once you’re through you could use a 3M Electrical Moisture Sealant Tape to cover up the splice. This prevents moisture from coming in .

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