Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights Won’t Turn On: Causes and Solution

Driving at night, your windshield wound up, car stereo playing any of those Rhythm and blues (RnB) or countryside music’s; while the interior light is on, creates a scintillating mood up until you get to your destination.

With the interior lights turned on and you are alone in the car, you don’t feel distressed especially when approaching a dark area.

Interior lights otherwise known as ‘Dome lights’ is one of the useful and safety features in the Jeep Wrangler. It aids a driver’s ability to see.

Usually, it turns on when you open the door, and off when you close the door. If all of a sudden, the Jeep Wrangler interior lights won’t turn on, then you should know that there is something to fix.Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights Won’t Turn On

Although most modern automobiles have interior lights; not every driver takes them seriously until they fail to turn on when they are mostly required. At times, the problem with the interior light is that it won’t turn on and when it does, it won’t turn off.

The situation seems like a typical problem in the Jeep Wrangler, however, no matter how complex it may look, it can be fixed.

The interior light is a well-thought-out safety light attached to the ceiling of a car. When it fails to turn on, there are conceivable reasons like a burned-out bulb, or you mistakenly left it on the OFF position which does not require any expert to fix it.

On the other hand, if the interior light remains ON even when the doors are shut properly, or it is on the ON position, yet, it is not turning on, then, speaking with an auto expert would be needed.


Do car interior lights turn off automatically?

Normally, the interior light is not meant to stay on for long unless you mistakenly left it in the ON position.

What this means is that it automatically turns off once you shut the doors and fasten your seat belts.

Better known as a dome light because of the dome-like shape, the light flashes when you open the door to enter or exit, and once the ignition switch is turned on, the interior light goes off automatically.

How do you turn the interior lights on a Jeep Wrangler?

It is a no-brainer on how to turn the interior lights on a Jeep Wrangler. If you noticed that the interior light is off, all you need to do is to shift the knob either back or front.

If it fails to turn on, check on the dashboard to see if there is a warning sign signifying that one of the doors is not properly locked, open the door, and bang well this time around.

You can also turn the interior lights through this option. When the front doors are opened, turn the dimmer switch control on the multifunction lever fully upward to turn on the interior lights.

How do I turn off my interior lights in my Jeep Wrangler?

You can simply turn off the interior lights that refuse to turn off even after shutting the car doors. First, you need to check the position of the knob,

it is either you forgot to remove it from the ON position when you alighted from your vehicle. Additionally, you can turn the light off by double-pressing the switches located on either side of the door jams.

Why won’t my interior lights turn on?

You may find the interior lights in your car not turning on even after you have shifted the knob, and have the 4 doors slammed properly.

The problem could be as a result of a blown fuse or a circuit problem. You may need to press a different sequence of buttons to turn on your interior lights, depending on how they are wired and the switches you have.

You can test controlling your dome light, map light, or other interior lights with their respective switches by moving the dimmer or the dash-mounted interior light button in different places.

Also, it could be that you have a short circuit especially if, you’ve replaced a blown interior light fuse and it blows once more. Bad door switches could be another reason your interior lights aren’t turning on. Door switches are switches that may be found in the door sides of most autos.

Another usual culprit is a burned-out bulb. The problem is usually merely a burned-out bulb when one or more interior lights cease operating while the others continue to work normally.

You can easily check and fix this. Simply remove the cover from the inside light that has ceased operating and replace it, that’s if you’ve tried out other options and it didn’t work.

Why are my interior lights staying on while driving?

If the interior light remains on while driving, the door switch may be defective. The driver’s door latch switch, in most cases, prevents the circuit from shutting.

To figure out why the interior light is on while driving after closing the doors, check to see if one of the door latch switches is not showing closed when all the doors are closed by scanning the lighting control module. You will need a test light (a tool) to achieve this.

Do Jeep lights turn off automatically?

Depending on the type of light! For interior lights, it turns off automatically when you turn the ignition on. But the jeep light such as headlights, parking lights, do not turn off automatically when the Jeep is turned off.

What do you do if your car lights won’t turn off?

To turn off your car lights, there are a few simple actions to take. First, make sure that the dome light switch is in the correct position. It may be positioned on the ceiling of the car or on the dashboard, depending on the car type.

When the dome light is turned on, the switch that regulates the brightness of your dashboard display might also turn it on.

To see that the light shuts off, lower the switch to its lowest level. If turning the knob doesn’t dim the dashboard display at all, it means you’ve got a defective control switch.

Another way to turn off your car lights is by opening all the four doors to detect which switch of the door is not closing. Double press each switch to see if the light will turn off,

if it does not produce a chime sound, then that particular door switch isn’t working. Examine the wiring from the door jam to the door.

Pull the rubber boot back and inspect the wiring harness for any broken wires. Now, Unbolt or unscrew the switch.

You can try this other way. Turn off the ignition and restart the vehicle; now close all the doors, check the interior lights knob position if, ON, turn it OFF. This should work but if, it didn’t, then it could be a wiring problem, contact your auto mechanic.

Will interior lights drain the battery?

Leaving the interior lights for too long is capable of draining or weakening the battery. If it is a LED bulb, it could take longer hours for it to get the battery drained.

Usually, interior lights, headlamp lights or even leaving car stereo for too long can drain your battery; there will be insufficient charge in the battery to start the engine.

What happens if you leave car interior lights overnight?

No matter how new your car battery is, leaving the interior lights on overnight will drain the battery to the point where it will be unable to start the car.

You can tap on the terminals of the battery or in a worst-case scenario, remove the battery, start it with another battery; while the engine is running, take away the battery and put back your battery (the one inside before).


If you are new in the Jeep world and find your interior lights not turning on or off, just be rest assured that it is not a serious mechanical problem.

It is most terrible when the light is not turning off because, when it stays too long, it will drain your battery.

The interior light is regarded as a standard light that is found in most cars. The location differs in vehicles. In the Jeep Wrangler, it is located on the ceiling of the car; it turns on and off automatically when you open the door or shut the door.

Ideally, when the interior lights in a car are functioning properly, they will normally turn on when you open the door and then turn off after a short period.

This method is based on a switch in the door jam that opens when the door is opened and closes when the door is closed.

Sometimes, you may not be able to turn on or off probably because there is a circuit or door switch problem. Fixing the issue may require that you get an auto expert.


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