Is 13 kg Heavy for a Road Bike or Mountain Bike?

When you decide to get a bike for yourself, it is worth considering the type, weight, and reason why you are getting the bike.

If you are getting together with you your friends for the same purpose, you should buy something similar.

Road bikes are designed to be used on smooth paved floors and not on sand or dirt. Similarly, mountain bikes are meant to be used for sand and rough routes.

Road bikes have smooth thin tires and drop handlebars. They are usually lighter than most bikes. They can be used for on-board racing. Most road bikes are not meant for carrying heavy loads and are best for touring.Is 13 kg heavy for a road bike or mountain bike

For the question, the answer is Yes.

13kg is too heavy for a road bike. However, some cheap models can weigh that much especially bikes with steal frames.

Aluminium frame bikes usually weight 10kg while carbon fibres weigh less although they are more expensive. Professional athletes majorly use carbon fibre frame bikes as they are lighter and more compact

Also, if you are riding the bike on a flat surface then 13kg bike will do just fine but if you are riding on hills then something lighter would be better.


Is 13 kg heavy for a mountain bike?

A mountain bike usually weighs around 13.2kg. The heaviest mountain bikes weighs 17.0kg while the lightest mountain bikes weigh 9.6kg.

The heavier mountain bikes are usually slower as the require more energy to pedal up the hill which makes them more efficient for climbing and endurance.

There is always a trade off when it comes to trimming weight from a bike. Mountain bikes with less weight are more costly as they are made with expensive materials like carbon fibre.

Lighter bike are not always best. Downhillers and gravity bikes are usually heaviest. They are built in for steep terrains, and handling big jumps and drops and the extra weight is needed to make the bike more robust

and easier to handle when riding down the hill. Heavier downhill bikes also helps the rider accelerate faster which is also an advantage.

Does bike weight really matter?

Most bikers would say yes. The real answer is not so straight forward as weight is only one factor that affects a bike performance and surprisingly not the most important.

Let’s take an in depth look at some factors that affects a bike performance.

When you carry a water bottle which weighs a few pounds when empty and when full. Do you notice the difference when riding?

The answer is probably no. In the same way, you won’t notice that carbon handlebars is a few pounds lighter that steel handlebars.

It will take lots of upgrade which will cost lots of money for the weight reduction to be meaningful.

The power to weight ratio of bike and rider plays a crucial role in the bike performance especially when climbing even if the difference is only a few watts.

For example, two rider with the same fitness and weight but bikes with different weights. The rider with the lighter bike will get to the finish line faster than the other.

The weight of the rider is far more important than the weight of the bikes as they are usually heavier.

A really good rider is generally more skinnier or lighter than average riders. Additional weight makes it more difficult for the bike to accelerate as the rider needs to add more power to overcome inertia.

How heavy should a road bike be kg?

The average road bike weight is about 8kg which might differ slightly depending on the frame size, frame material and other parts.

Road bikes are meant for riding on pavements on speed. They are excellent for on-road racing as minimal effort is required to take you miles.

Their tires are smoother and smaller and the frames are lighter. One downside is they are incapable of supporting heavy loads.

Carbon road bike are the lightest road bikes with an average weight of 8.2kg. They are strong, stiff and very light.

They are made using carbon fibres and hard epoxy resin. They are quite expensive but provide you with a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Steel bikes usually weigh about 10kg to 13kg. Steel frames are not as strong as Aluminium, titanium, or carbon frames, they still provide an enjoyable ride.

If you desire a bike primarily for weight loss, then a steel bike would be best for you.

What is a good weight for a road bike?

There is no straightforward answer to this. What determines the ideal weight of a bike are where you are riding and also why you need a bike.

Steel bikes might be heavier than aluminium or carbon fibres, they are better on rough roads as they absorb more vibrations and makes you suffer less fatigue which is an important factor for Long distant race in poor roads conditions.

A lighter bike may help you get ahead in a race by a few seconds, they are better ways to improve performance like reducing bodyweight, get better wheels, and improving the aerodynamics of the bike.

Generally, the average weight of a good road bike should not weigh more than 8.2kg.


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