Harley Davidson motorcycle vs Honda motorcycle: Which is More Reliable ?

Harley Davidson motorcycles have been seen as the standard for a professional rider’s bike should be like. Some reasons this motorcycle is the best to buy include;

  • They have a track record of producing high-quality motorcycles that have been confirmed by many users.
  • Harley Davidsons motorcycles are easy to maintain and repair anywhere in the world since they are known worldwide.
  • They are known for their customizable capabilities. You can choose to customize your Harley Davidson motorcycle to fit your needs.
  • They maintain their value for a long time. I you maintain your bike well they can hold as much as 80% of its original value overtime.
  • Harley-Davidson bikes are seen as the standard for bikes for “real riders”. They are also perceived as multi-purpose bikes.

Harley Davidson and Honda motorcycle have been compared for decades among enthusiast as both are considered as leading motorcycle manufacturers and no other brand have been able to compete with them.

There is really no bike that is better than the other and each comes with its own unique strength.

Honda motorcycle are best for people who desire the most advanced technology and performance while Harley Davidson motorcycles are desired by those who prefer reliability and Harley design and engine.


Why police use Harley Davidson

is not far fetched. Harley Davidson have been the US police department motorcycle of choice since 1914. They are known for being reliable and require minimal maintenance.

They are tough and are meant for the open road. Although not the fastest in the motorbike market, they are durable which the police department considers more important.

Are Harley Davidson motorcycles dependable?

Many people are of the opinion that Harley Davidson motorcycles are not dependable which is far from the truth. In fact, the company is finding it difficult to increase sales because a lot of their bikes built over 20 years are still been used.

According to Bloomberg, 70% of Harley Davidson bike built since 1903 are still been used till date. The myth about their bikes not been of high quality is due to the high number of amateur users who decided to customize their bikes themselves damaging other parts in the process.

Why do police use Harleys Davidson motorcycles?

There are many reasons why police make use of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Harley Davidson offer the police and other agencies mouth watering incentives when the purchase large fleet of motorcycles.

Their bikes have lower centre of gravity than other bikes. Which makes them easy to manoeuvre at less speed which is how they are been used.

Purchasing a high speed motorcycle is not a top priority for the police department.

Harley Davidsons bikes are very comfortable which is important if the bike are to be used for a long time.

The resale value for the bike is also higher than other bikes. Their engines are easy to repair and reliable.

Harley bikes may not be an ideal bike for recreational riders who ride for a short period in the day, but a police officer will find it perfect.

Why do outlaw bikers only ride Harley Davidson motorcycles?

Outlaw bikers are originally referred to motorcycle clubs not obeying the laws of American Motorcycling Association.

After some members of this club were known for their criminal exploit they became associated with breaking the law.

Many of the outlaw bikers are military veterans of the 1950s and ’60s and people with low economic power.

The bikes they rode were cheap bikes from Harley Davidson which they as made even cheaper when the government sold off the excess of the bikes after World War 2.

When Japanese bikes entered the US market, outlaw bikers disliked them instantly because they were associated with the conventional AMA riders and secondly, there were made in Japan which most of the veterans fought against during the war.

Veterans also feel a sense of loyalty towards bikes built from their country and some of the outlaw clubs have made it mandatory for you to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle before you can register.

Do motorcycle cops only ride Harley?

The majority of the motorcycles used by the police department in different states in the US are manufactured by Harley Davidson company but that does not mean they are not other motorcycle companies that are not been used.

In 2004, it was reported that the police department in the US made use of motorcycles built by Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Kawasaki.

In Germany, the majority of motorcycles are built by BMW Motorrad. In the UK BMW and Yamaha are more popular.

What kind of Harleys do cops ride?

Harley Davidson motorcycles used by the police are custom built to fit their needs. They are designed to maximize comfort and are easy to maneuver.

Some of the Models use by the police force include FLHTp Electra Glide XL to 883L Sportster and FLHTP Road king.

These bikes are customized to suit the needs of a police officer. The bike ergonomics gives a more comfortable ride with better stability when on duty. They also are also built with quality materials and require minimal maintenance.

Why is Harley-Davidson not popular with millennials?

No doubt that Harley-Davidson motorcycles have some kind of cultural heritage, but they have failed in capturing the young population for the following reasons:

Their bikes are seen as too expensive for the value they offer by millennials. Most believe that the designs are too old and basic with very little change made over the decade coupled with the high price.

Harley bikes have an image problem. Over the years Harleys have been associated with biker gangs and outlaw riders who most millennials don’t like to associate themselves with.

Also, baby boomers who are looking for status symbols are the ones looking for a for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle not an average millennial.

Harley Davidsons motorcycles are simply too expensive for millennials as majority of them carry huge student debts and are still struggling to afford a house so getting a highly priced Harley is not a priority for them. Since they don’t own homes, there is probably no safe place to keep the motorcycle anyway.

Their marketing have not been targeted at the young population and they mostly rely on their cultural heritage to sell their bikes. Most young people will rather go for bikes designed and targeted at them than to go for Harley.

What is so special about Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

Harleys bikes have become more of cultural heritage to certain people who use them. They didn’t become popular just because of their look but also their quality, durability, and design.

These motorcycles are built to last and the parts are readily available when needed. They can be customised to fit your taste which cross-country travellers find appealing.

These bikes are heavyweight and offer stability because of the greater rake angles and longer wheelbase.

Users also have the assurance because the company is well- established which makes them reliable. These bike represent a sense of freedom and pride to the riders and are seen as an American icon.

How many miles do Harleys last?

New Harley-Davidson motorcycles should be able to last for 150,000 miles for over 20+ years if well maintained. Like other bikes, Harleys can last as long as you desire. You just have to maintain them regularly and change parts when necessary.

Many bikers have used their Harleys bike for over 30 years and claimed they still worked perfectly with occasional repairs and maintenance. When it comes to quality Harley-Davidson stands out among the best in the motor industry.

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