Do You Need A Full License For Electric Car In Nigeria

It’s no longer news that there are electric cars in Nigeria serving as alternatives to fuel-consuming automobiles.

The advantages of electric cars over fuel cars can’t be overemphasized as they prevent users from spending big on fuel and maintenance. Hence, introducing electric cars into Nigeria is a welcome development in a country where fuel price increases constantly.

Despite the desire and burning urge to take advantage of the development, some Nigerians don’t know where to buy an electric motor in Lagos and other parts of the country. Another set of people want to know if they require a full license for electric cars in Nigeria to avoid breaking the FRSC laws.Do You Need A Full License For Electric Car In Nigeria

Kindly pay attention to every detail of this article if you fall in any of the categories above or you desire to know more about electric car manufacturers in Nigeria.


What Are Electric Cars?

Electric cars are vehicles that operate with the help of electric motor which are powered by electricity obtained from fuel cells or batteries.

This type of cars doesn’t depend on gasoline or diesel-powered engines to function effectively, thanks to the rechargeable electric batteries.

Is Electric Cars Legal In Nigeria?

Yes, Nigerians are legally permitted to buy and use electric cars as long as they meet all the requirements and criteria which include having a full and updated driver’s license.

The fact that the first car electric car in Nigeria was launched and tested by the country’s vice president and Lagos state governor also signifies the government’s support for the use of electric cars.

Do You Need a Full License For Electric Car In Nigeria?

According to FRSC law, it’s unlawful to use unregistered vehicles irrespective of the type and model. However, a valid driver’s license is one of the documents needed for car registration in Nigeria.

Therefore, you must have a full and authentic license offered by the Road Safety agency before you can drive your vehicle without any interruption.

How To Get A Driver’s License In Nigeria

  • Let’s briefly discuss how to apply for a driver’s license in Nigeria since you must have a full license for your electric cars. See the step-by-step guidelines below:
  • Visit the Motor Licensing Authority or State BIR
  • Fill out the “Allocation of plate number” form with accurate data.
  • Submit the form with other required documents for approval.
  • If approved, you would be given some other forms to fill. This includes allocation of registration number of new vehicle form, FRSC, and tax forms.
  • Submit the provided data for confirmation by police officer in the licensing department.
  • Your application will be stamped once it’s approved. Then, you can now pay for the license plate number online or at any nearby bank.
  • You would be given a newly registered plate number once you provide the receipt of payment at your State BIR office. You will also receive other important papers like Proof of Ownership Certificate, Proof of Ownership, Certificate Number and Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT).
  • Collect all the original documents you submitted in the previous stages, and ensure nothing is missing.

Where To Buy Electric Cars In Nigeria

There are tested and trusted electric car dealers in Nigeria where you can get your fuel-less vehicles without any problem.

As a Nigerian, you can buy your electric cars in Lagos, Abuja, and other advanced parts of the country. Meanwhile,, OList, and Jumia can equally help you get good electric cars irrespective of your location.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Car In Nigeria

  • Factors to consider before buying an electric car include:
  • Price
  • Road network: Unfortunately, many Nigerian roads aren’t suitable for some electric cars, including Hyundai Kona EV.
  • Maintenance
  • Legality

How Much Does Electric Car Cost In Nigeria

Truth be told, electric cars cost a fortune in Nigeria. You need at least ₦8 million to get one of the 10 cheapest electric cars such as Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Ford Focus Electric, and Nissan Leaf.

Meanwhile, you should budget not less than ₦12 million if you are interested in highly-rated electric cars like Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Bolt, and Hyundai Kona.


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