Do Motorcycle Helmets Deteriorate With Age!

How long have you been using your motorcycle helmet? Do you even know if a motorcycle helmet deteriorates with age?

Don’t worry if you have no clue about these things because this post will discuss everything you should know about motorcycle helmets. So, let’s dive into action.


Do motorcycle helmets deteriorate with age?

There is a consensus and belief that a motorcycle helmet should be replaced after five years because some of its important parts wear out due to age.

As much as we won’t deny that, motorcycle helmets deteriorate, it doesn’t happen due to age only, but how often you use it. The hair oil, cosmetics, and body fluids can affect helmet’s effectiveness, especially if you use it every day.Do Motorcycle Helmets Deteriorate With Age

A motorcycle helmet is also prone to tear and wear depending on its age and how often you use it. The binding materials, such as glue and resins, used in its production will lose their compactness and quality as time goes on.

Continual exposure to the sun and other climatic factors could degrade the shell’s durability over time.

What Part Of Helmets Wears Out Due To Age?

Apart from the binding materials, the helmet’s inner lining is equally prone to loss of quality if it’s used regularly.

The exterior Shell is also another part tipped to deteriorate due to age, especially if it contacts any harmful petroleum-based products that can reduce the strength of plastic and fiberglass.

Meanwhile, other changes occur in old helmets but you can’t easily detect because they aren’t too obvious. This is why you are urged to carefully examine your helmet every day to detect if there is any slight deformation.

Do motorbike helmets go out of date?

Though helmet doesn’t have a specified expiring date, you are advised to change it once it reaches five years in your custody.

You should know that your helmet is automatically out of date the moment it fails to serve its safety purposes as a result of damages. In this case, you shouldn’t wait for five years before getting a new one.

Meanwhile, you are to change your helmet after five years even if it still maintains a good shape and high protection.

Newly-made helmets tend to be stronger and durable than previous models as they boast higher sophisticated technology. Therefore, you should change to the latest helmet models for assured protection.

In a nutshell, a motorcycle helmet isn’t made to function beyond five years. Get a new helmet once it reaches the five-year milestone. Ensure you replace it if damaged before the five years.

Does Dropping A Motorcycle Helmet Ruin?

Yes, dropping your helmet aimlessly to the ground will ruin it should you continue in such an unhealthy manner.

The more it falls to the floor with force, the higher the damage it will suffer in the long run. Falling on the floor will affect the helmet’s exterior and interior parts.

Just as you know, the helmet’s plastic shell is prone to break if it forcefully collides with other strong materials. Likewise, the internal foam will lose its compactness if it keeps colliding or dropping on hard surfaces.

However, the intensity with which you drop your helmet decides whether it will ruin or not.

Your motorcycle helmet won’t damage if you gently drop it on the fall. This is more or less like placing it carefully at a spot.

In the same vein, if you place a hard and heavy object on your helmet after dropping it on the floor might reduce its effectiveness because the internal foam might deform in the long run.

Hence, you’ve got to be careful with the way you drop or keep your helmet. Avoid throwing it to the floor or dropping it with much force. Keep it in a safe and secured place. Another thing to consider is the helmet’s quality and durability.

A high-quality product guarantees a lengthy lifespan. It can withstand dropping on the floor with little or no damage. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should be careless with the way you handle your helmet.

How Do I Know If My Motorcycle Helmet Is Still Good?

It’s easy to know if your motorcycle helmet is still good. Engage in a routine check and look out for the following:

  • Any crack or break on the shell: You might have to change your motorcycle helmet as soon as it features a crack or scratch.
  • A ‘spider-web’ crack on the EPS: The function of EPS foam includes protecting the head by absorbing impact energy transferred into the absorbing the impact energy transferred to the head. The foam isn’t good for use once it features a spider-web crack.
  • Cracks in the visor: Cracks in the visor could lead to unclear vision.
  • Deformed rubber seal around the bottom of the helmet.

Should you find any of the damages listed above, it means your motorcycle helmet isn’t good for further use.

What Is Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is equipment used by motorcycle owners to protect their head while driving. Having considered the fact that motorcycle helmet prevents head injury by 62%; many countries make it compulsory for all motorcycle riders and passengers.

Importance Of Motorcycle Helmet

Below are some of the reasons why you must wear a helmet while riding your motorcycle:

  1. It protects your head from fatal injuries
  • It aids better vision and sound while driving as it prevents wind from affecting your eyes and ears.
  • Aside from its obvious protection purposes, the helmet provides a perfect place to place small cameras if you intend to record your travels as a tourist.




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