Do Ford Mustang Convertibles Leak? 8 quick answers explained

Convertibles are built for open-air driving. They are available in some car brands, with the Ford Mustang being one of the best.

Convertibles can be driven with or without a roof, with the option of adding one if needed. Unfortunately, this fun car is thought to have roof leaks.

Is this a common issue or does it only impact a specific brand? This article will answer the question, “Do Ford Mustang Convertibles leak?”

Convertibles are fantastic cars. Imagine the sensation of sunlight warming your skin and a gentle breeze blowing through your hair; it’s a mind-blowing experience.

Having a convertible is fun, but how much do you know about it? While you appreciate an open-top vehicle, you should be aware of your plight if it begins to rain and be prepared. This entails figuring out how to waterproof your convertible top and repairing the leak.

Ford Mustang convertibles are excellent, and they are among the best in terms of safety, roof strength, and durability. The majority of convertibles can easily be converted to coupes. Ford Mustang

Convertible enthusiasts love their versatility, but they’re prone to leaks, especially when it’s raining heavily.

Although a convertible with a good roof will not leak under normal operating conditions, if the rubber seals between the car and the roof have worn, there may be some leakage inside the interior, affecting the interior such as seats and dashboards.


Do Ford Mustang Convertibles leak?

Convertibles are notorious for having this issue. In the case of Ford Mustang convertibles, the roof provides additional structural rigidity, preventing leaks unless the rubber seal is destroyed.

Moreover, the convertible tops are waterproof. But over time, the top will start leaking when it is constantly exposed to harsh weather. This will make the top weak and it can get torn easily.

Why is my Ford Mustang convertible top leaking?

If your Ford convertible top leaks when it rains heavily, it’s either that the waterproof covering has degraded or the rubber seals are weak and won’t be able to keep the edges firmly.

Rubber seals will also degrade over time as a result of UV exposure and exposure to harsh weather. Unfortunately, your vehicle’s rubber seals will acquire dust and deteriorate with time, perhaps causing them to separate from the surface. The seals will need to be replaced if this happens.

Dirt is one of the most common elements that damages rubber seals. By keeping them free of these objects, you can extend the life of these seals and considerably reduce the danger of a leak.

Additionally, if the fabric of your convertible has holes or tears, it may leak. These tears can quickly start letting water in, causing major damage to your car’s interior. Whether soft or hardtop, they are all subject to leaks owing to exposure to the sun’s UV rays or heavy rain.

Can you flex seal a convertible top?

You can simply flex seal the spot on the convertible top if the crack or tear is tiny. Flex seal can be used to conceal the source of the leak.

It’s a liquid rubber sealant coating, but it’ll only work as a temporary fix until you replace the rubber seal or buy a new convertible top.

You can flex seal the top of your convertible or the rear windows. It takes 1 to 3 hours for the flex seal to dry and the longer it sits, the stronger it becomes, but it is not permanent.

Furthermore, a flex seal can aid in the prevention of rust formation. Flex sealing is simple to apply; simply spray it on and wait for it to dry.

Do convertible roofs need waterproofing?

Waterproofing guarantees that water does not permeate a textile fabric and instead beads up on the surface. This is especially beneficial for convertible roofs.

The convertible roof’s function is to keep the rain out, but to do it efficiently, the material must be waterproof. Cleaning your convertible hood is primarily dependent on the sort of roof it has; a pure soft top would require different maintenance than a mechanical metal roof, but the one constant is cleanliness.

How do I stop my convertible from leaking?

To stop your convertible from leaking, you must first determine where the leak is coming from. It’s worth noting that the position of water entering the car doesn’t always mean that this is the best place to start a repair. This is because water could be entering the vehicle from another spot.

It seems like every convertible has a leak issue. The weatherstrip surrounding the rear quarter windows and the rear window are the two most common places where leaks can occur in convertible cars.

However, the convertible top material under the rear window is usually the culprit. For a few years, the plastic/vinyl material that makes up the soft top’s outer layer is subjected to a tremendous amount of folding and creasing in the same spots.

Water leaks in convertibles can potentially cause terrible harm to the vehicle’s electronic and mechanical components. In some circumstances, it may be essential to remove interior trims and panels to determine where the water is coming from.

Most of the time, it can be difficult to trace where the leak is coming from. Therefore, if you suspect a leak and want to be sure, spray your vehicle with a hose for a few minutes.

Then turn off the hose and step into your car to check for leaks. This is to give you foreknowledge in case it starts raining.

To stop your convertible top from leaking, simply apply a thin layer of the waterproofing product to the entire convertible top.

Apply two or three coats to the convertible top’s seams, which are the most susceptible to moisture and thus damage. It will take some time for the product to be absorbed. Allow the waterproofing product to dry by parking your convertible in the sun.

How long does a Mustang convertible top last?

Even though convertibles are susceptible to leaks, they can stay for years. However, the durability of a product is determined by its use and upkeep.

If you take care of it, it should last for some years. If you take excellent care of your Ford Mustang convertible top, it should last anywhere from 7 to 10 years.

Is it hard to replace a convertible top?

It might not take an expert longer hour to replace a convertible, but for beginners, especially if it is your first time, it will probably take longer hours, especially if you don’t have somebody to assist you.

Replacing a convertible is not so difficult, but neither is it easy. There are tool kits in the aftermarket that will guide users on how to correctly install them.

It is not about the hours spent, but ensuring that it is done properly so that it won’t get worn out quickly. With the right steps and tools, you can do it yourself.

You’ll spend less than $500 acquiring the part, but if you’re to use a professional, you’ll spend extra, and it all depends on the brand and model of your vehicle, as well as whether it’s a soft-top or hard-top.

You’re to get a Mustang convertible top frame repair kit if yours has become ruined. Alternatively, a new convertible top is a good option.

A bead of weld-bond glue should be applied to the glass’s edges. Place the prepared glass on top of the convertible top with care.

How to replace a convertible top: Steps to take

  • Wipe the glass that will be used to apply the adhesive. Make sure it’s completely clean by using the glass cleaner and paper towels.
  • A bead of weld-bond glue should be applied to the glass’s edges. Place the prepared glass on top of the convertible top with care. Keep the convertible top straight at all times. This entire process will be easier if you can find someone to assist you.
  • Apply pressure to the fabric convertible top around the perimeter of the glass. For three to five minutes, keep this pressure up.
  • With paper towels, wipe away any excess glue. If the glue starts to dry, saturate a cotton square or circle with acetone-based fingernail lacquer and use cotton swabs to rub off the dried adhesive.
  • Between 8-10 hours after installation, clean the glass using glass cleaner and paper towels. With a few pointers, the correct tools, and a clear set of instructions, even a novice can do it.

How much does it cost to replace a Mustang convertible top?

The cost of replacing a convertible top is heavily influenced by the make and model of the vehicle.

The majority of popular convertible types, however, cost between $300 and $1,500. In all other cases, replacing the top with a newer model cost more than replacing the top with an older model.

You can fix it yourself if you have the necessary tools and instructions, but hiring someone to do it for you can be more expensive.

Mustang convertible rear window leaking: solution

Apart from the convertible top, the rear window is also a common place where water leaks from. This may not be as serious as the convertible top, but surely it can mess things up if the leak is significant.

Most of the time, water ingress is the problem. This occurs when water seeps into your vehicle from a variety of sources.

The seals surrounding the doors and windows are the main areas where water can enter your car. If you’ve recently had a windscreen replaced, make sure it was properly installed and that water isn’t getting through the seals.


Weatherstripping can be purchased as needed. External moisture is diverted through weather stripping, which prevents it from entering a structure through window openings.

It also seeks to keep inside air contained for comfort while also conserving energy for air conditioning and heating.

To begin, search for any missing chunks or damage in the weatherstripping on the door or window. Closing the window or door also allows you to see if any light is passing through the seal. This is a sign that the stripping needs to be replaced.

If you see any damage to the weatherstripping, literally cut it out and replace it with a fresh piece. Stripping comes in a variety of forms, including adhesive foam tape, rubber, and vinyl. Check to be sure you’re getting the appropriate one.

Also, a rolled-up towel can be left in the boot to collect water and then wrung dry after a downpour.

Install a new headliner while the window is removed. A headliner’s function is to soften walls and visually embellish interior spaces. Headliners adhere to the interior of their vehicles using headliner glue.

If the problem is water ingress, you must identify where the water is leaking. To deal with water ingress, take the following steps:

Determine the source of the water ingress and fix the situation. When you discover the area, use glue or flex seal to seal the affected area, then allow the affected areas to dry completely.

If it still leaks, your car’s seals may need to be replaced. Fix it ASAP.


If you have carried out a repair on the convertible top or rear window, it’s essential to test your car for water ingress again once the defect has been identified and the repair has been made. Conduct extensive water tests to check that the problem has been resolved.


Driving a convertible is pleasurable. However, you shouldn’t consider just the fun but also the maintenance. You can avoid costly repairs by properly maintaining your convertible’s folding roof.

Vinyl may be required to keep this looking good and clean for a long time. Also, replace the worn-out rubber seal as soon as possible to avoid more costly interior damage.

With the correct equipment and guidance, you can replace your convertible top yourself. But, if you have some cash to spare, hiring a professional to do it for you is a better option, but more expensive.


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