Cannondale topstone: Is Cannondale topstone a gravel bike?

The topstone is one of the most popular bikes of the year, named after a beloved dirt road loop near Cannondale’s headquarters in Connecticut.

The topstone is bang on trend in UK riding, offering exceptional value for money for what is undoubtedly one of the top-performing multi-terrain bikes on the market right now.

Its unique and durable build makes this bike a fantastic companion. Adaptability, dependability, and all-road enjoyment are all qualities of the Cannondale topstone.

So, whether you’re looking for gravel riding, adventure, or back road exploration – or all three – the topstone is the bike for you.


Is Cannondale topstone a gravel bike?Cannondale topstone

The topstone is a full-fledged gravel bike line. On this competent and adaptable gravel rig, you’re ready for an adventure with wide tire clearance, a confident riding posture, and positive control.

Is Cannondale topstone tubeless?

The topstone is equally at home on dirt, gravel, or concrete.

You can go even more extensive than that of the default 40mm WTB Nano TCS tires with up to 42mm tire clearing,

so both the tires and the WTB i23 Light rims are tubeless capable.

Going for an adventure ride? tubeless is just the thing for you

How much does the Cannondale topstone weigh?

The bike’s weight is calculated using the median size as sold or the average of two median sizes.

This bicycle is 9.97 kilos in weight.

Weight: 22 lbs.

How does topstone suspension work?

A topstone was released by Cannondale which had a complete framework last year.

A new kingpin back part suspension was parts of their most current release. Creating an amped up performance ever to be experienced on these type of bikes.

The updated topstone consists of every characteristic, same as the predecessor. It fits 700x42mm and 650x48mm tires, features interior link of wires and plenty mounting options to contain extra bottles of water and other attachments.

Then things start to become interesting. The frame and fork are made of carbon fiber, directing ones attention to the back angle.

With an axle joining the tube of the seat to the seatstays, including chainstays, is designed to give up to 30mm of compliance.

Similar to the flexure the system operates. The seats tube leans on contact, and the seatstays connection on the axle of the seats tube improves the rear triangle rotation, so that the seats tube bending beyond fixing the seats.

Kingpin has a thru- shaft hinge in the tube of the seat that allows specified flex areas to be more deformed than a fixed stay design in the hind posts, a seating tube as well as the back part of the handle bars.

“Unless a shock is a burden and complication, there swivels with connections, that ensures a smooth and progressive compliance,” says Cannondale.

Reasonable reaction to dimensional carbon stand and tube profiles have been added to Cannondale’s new Topstone Carbon.

The Endurance Fit geometry is similar to that of the alloy topstone and not dissimilar to that of the Synapse endurance road bike.

There are mounts of various kinds, much as the previous topstone.

Also Topstone Carbon is the newest bike for the usage of Garmin’s innovative wheelsensor, which launched on the a couple months back.

The little sensor set up by the wheel, monitors and documents sessions, having velocity, time and area covered, and has a database of up to nine hundred hours, which is adequate for almost thirty days and a year-long battery.

The sensor is connected to the Cannondale app that offers several functions such as sharing your ride, getting personal health records, insurance registering,

bike maintenance records, information on fitness and settings. This sensor can also link and connect to other detectors with Garmin and other compasses.

Does Cannondale topstone have rack mounts?

The aluminum Topstone can handle almost anything, including a baby seat! This bike is excellent for commuters or cycle-touring enthusiasts, with numerous attachments spaces.

Disc brakes are included in all five versions, which could prove very useful. The Cannondale Topstone Aluminium isn’t just for the road – it’s also an excellent entry when it comes to a rocky terrain

However, are you in search of a bit more spice, how about carbon? Carbon version of the topstone stands out from the crowd, because it’s one-of-a-kind and, dare we say, controversial. This new release is Cannondale’s most pleasant and competent till date.

A single hinge between both the seat and seat pipe in the bike, and also the bend spots in the highest level, chains and bottom seating section, the King-Pin suspension system is unique.

It provides the average rider around 30mm of compliance, making the ride very smooth.

Instead of the typical suspension system seen on most mountain bikes, it nevertheless preserves a featherweight frame build, which utilizes a buckle or an air shock. Though it is suspended, it is not inefficient.

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