Can you put 302 heads on a 351W?

Ford small -blocks commonly known as Windsor V8 engines look the same, which is why a lot of its users find it difficult to tell the difference.

Ford Windsor 302 and 351 are the most used models after they succeeded the Ford Y-block engine. The 351 is higher than that of 302 almost in every aspect, which means that a 302 can be put into a 351W.

Ford Windsor V8 engines are light-weighted, designed for different car sizes.Can you put 302 heads on a 351W?

The 351W was only made in Windsor, but the 302 was made in both Windsor and Cleveland, as demonstrated by the “CF” and “WF” casting markings on heads and blocks.

Externally, these engines are identical; yet, some characteristics distinguish them. To differentiate the 351W from the 302 engines, Ford changed the firing order, also, the combustion chamber; which the 351W is larger.

For the rookies, it is tough to tell the variance among Ford’s Windsor’s. That’s quite understandable because they look very much alike. Only old-timers Ford enthusiasts can categorically tell which is which.


Are Ford 302 and 351 heads the same?

302 and 351 are part of Ford’s Small -blocks engine, with different specifications. To the question, if the 302 and 351 are the same, the answers vary in some areas expressed below.


  • Same deck patterns:

The bolt pattern of 302 and 351 is the same. As they both have six-bolt blocks, that makes it possible to put a 302 on a 351W.


  • Horsepower:

There is a little variance in the horsepower(HP). The 351 can handle more output than the 302 because the crank is bigger.

  • Bolt holes and ports:

302 heads have smaller head bolts compare to 351. The 351 comes with 16 bolt holes, on the other hand, there are 12 bolts on the 302W.

  • Performance:

In terms of performance, a 351W is ahead because it has bigger valves and a combustion chamber.

Will 302 parts fit a 351?

This depends on the model you are using. If you’re using models produced in the 70s and early 90s, the 302 parts may fit a 351W.

You should be aware that the 351 Windsor has a large choice of aftermarket cylinder heads. For recent Ford engines, the 302 parts cannot fit a 351, since the bolt holes for 351 is higher.

To put in a 302 0n 351, it will require that you fill the extra holes for it to fit well.

What you have to understand is that you can put 351 on 302 and not the other way round.

Are 302 and 351W timing covers the same?

The timing cover protects the timing belt, timing chain, or cam belt on your car from pollutants.

If the timing cover gasket fails, you’ll notice engine oil seeping. Both a 302 and a 351 have identical timing front covers, although some 302s and 351s have EFI and carbed front covers.

A mechanical fuel pump can therefore, be mounted on the non-EFI covers. You may use any timing cover over another, but if you’re using a carbed front cover for 302, be sure it fits well on an EFI 351 timing cover.

Alternatively, install the “regular” timing cover (PN M-6059-D351 or Dorman PN 635-102) if your timing cover is damaged,

since it has provisions for different timing pointer placements, a mechanical fuel pump attachment, and a front dipstick.

Also, check the shape and positioning of the coolant transfer ports and whether the cover has engine oil dipstick hole requirements.

How do I identify 351 W heads?

A simple way to identify the 351W heads is to check the heads of the bolts. It has a code on the top of the head, just below the valve cover;

on the base of the head, which will require that you remove the head; or on the side of the head just under the valve cover lip.

To find it, take a peek at the first letter of the alphabet. This is the year it was made; the letters on it indicate when it was made for the first time; the year it was made starts with A and concludes with G.

It was made in 1940, as indicated by the letter A, while B signifies the 1950s, whereas a C suggests the 1960s. An E7TE code stamp, on the other hand, would indicate that this head was made in the 1980s.

Where are the casting numbers on 351W heads?

Frankly, it’s not always easy to locate block casting numbers. The 351W casting number can be found pointing downwards in the middle, down the right side of the block.

Occasionally, grease or dirt will obscure them, requiring you to clear a part of the block before you can see them.

These numbers are also hard to read because of the location. You may need someone to help you point a torchlight to enable you to see the numbers.

Also, to see the casting number, you will remove the valve covers, but after that, you will get a new gasket cover because when trying to remove the seal, the cover would be damaged.

How much taller is a 351 than a 302?

Through the height and width, you can tell if it is a 302 or 351W. Usually, the 351 is taller and bigger than the 302.

The 351 has a deck height of 9.5″ against 302 8.2″ deck height, which makes the intake manifold wider, and the distributor taller too.


Ford Windsor 302 and 351 are among the best Ford engines. They share some similarities in terms of the deck, but the height is different.

Even if it is difficult to tell between the two, check the holes; they aren’t the same. The 351W is higher in every ramification.

When going for a replacement, you can put a 351 over the 302 blocks, but that shouldn’t be done with a 302 over 351 blocks. In case you want to use the 302 blocks on 351, make sure you cover the extra holes.


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