Can I Ride a Motorcycle And Sidecar On A Car License?

Regardless of your car license, you are expected to take a test for you to ride a motorcycle with a sidecar. And the first test is the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) test.

If an individual has taken a practical theory test before the 14th of January 2014, then he/ she can ride a 25kw motorcycles. But there are restrictions in that the test must always be done after every 2 years to still be considered legal to ride.

Different motorcycles have their rules and some of these rules are:

Category A1: A small motorcycle that has less than 12kw-125cc engine power capacity applicable for individuals of about 17 years, who will be given a valid certificate after they must have passed their theory and practical test.Can I Ride a Motorcycle And Sidecar

Category A2: A medium size motorcycles with an engine power higher than 30kw suited for people under age 19, and they must have written category A1 and A2 practical test, test theories and examinations including obtaining their certificates.

A disabled individual can use a motorcycles with a sidecar fixed together. And such individual will need a motorcycle license and not depend solely on a car license.

A bike is considered safe with sidecars as far as the bike is joined with the sidecar properly and firm. It can then carry a luggage or a passenger.

Can you ride a motorcycle trike on a car license?

As of the 20th of January 2013, laws guiding riders with licenses for three-wheeled vehicles were changed not minding if it was a car or motorcycle-based. Pulling them out from their initial category B, they now need the motorcycle licensed for A or A1.

Before one will ride a trike, they must be disabled, because it was built specifically for them, and they are as well entitled to partake in a practical theory trike test.

Trikes are of different kinds which include the built-in factory and built from scratch trikes. Likewise, car engine and bike engine trikes.

These wheels are arranged accordingly like tadpole and delta. The Delta has three wheels, one in front and two behind, while the tadpole has three as well, 2 in front and one behind.

Before a test to ride a motortrikes will be conducted, a CBT test has to be taken just like the motorcycle and practical test.

To ride a bike that has an engine power up to 15kw, a full license in the category A1 will be required and it is meant for people that are up to 21 years of age.


What license do I need to ride a motorbike and sidecar?

To ride a motorbike and a sidecar all one needs is a motorcycle license, a full (category A) license precisely for motorcycles, only the impaired ones are eligible to take part in the test to get their license.

Another kind of license intending riders need is the A1 license, which before getting the intending riders must have completed a compulsory basic training course satisfactorily.

After this is accomplished, they can now engage a motorcycle that is up to 125cc, and a 11kw on a road not exceeding 15kw in not less than two years.

These are the rules guiding motorcycles with sidecars;

  1. A power/ weight ratio of not more than 0.15kw/kg if under categories A and A1 must be weighed by users.
  2. Riding with a sidecar during the test is not allowed, except after they must have passed the test, then they will be issued licenses for motorcycles and sidecars.

Due to some force that will be set on a motorcycle, it has to be fit to accommodate it. Factory fitting is required when fitting a sidecar, and it is done by car engineers.

The fitting of sidecars must be on the left-hand side of a motorbike especially when registered after August 1981. Also, not any kind of motorbike is fit with sidecars, there are specific ones.

Can you ride a motorcycle trike on a car license?

Only a motorcycle license is needed when riding a motorcycle trike. There are lots of licenses that can be used to ride motorcycle trikes which are; category B car licenses and provisional category A licenses.

And to get this license, one must take part in a test made for motorcycle trike intending riders. This test is meant for anyone interested in riding a motorcycle trike whether non-disabled or disabled and will pass the CBT.

A motorcycle trike have different criteria to be met, some of which are:

  1. Should be 21 years.
  2. There is a need for a full category A1 motorbike license to ride motor tricycles up to a power output of 15 kW, and a full category A motorbike license to ride trikes with a power output of more than m15 kW.

Riders must pass all test which include the CBT, practical test, and then a theory test on a motorcycle with a 50cc engine capacity which does not have a sidecar attach to it, at age 16.

Once the CBT is done, riders compulsorily must pass their theory and motorcycle tests within 2 years or risk writing the CBT test again.

What bike can you ride with an A2 license?

A motorcycle that takes up to 47bhp can be ridden with an A2 license and are for people within the age range of 19 and 24. With this qualification individuals can ride motorbikes with:

  1. 35kW power output (47bhp)
  2. Power/weight ratio of not more than 0.2kW/kg

Moreover, as long as riders never made more than 95bhp in standard trim they can ride motorbikes of category A on an A2 license.

However, most manufacturers make A2-ready motorcycles then make 47bhp as standard and therefore don’t have to be restricted.

List of bikes that can be ridden on an A2 license:

PR4 Enduro, Regal Raptor, Dorsoduro 750, Mana GT, Moto 6.5, Aprilia SRV850, BMW F800GS, BMW F800GS Adventure, BMW F800GT, BMW F800R, Ducati1000SS, Ducati 600SS, Ducati 620 Sport, Ducati 750SS, Aprilia Pegaso, Aprilia Pegaso Factory, Aprilia RS250, and Aprilia SRV850.

What size of the motorbike can I ride on a full car license?

To own a full car license shows that users must have passed the necessary test, and can own their license, to become drivers fully.

Notwithstanding, a full car license is to be issued out to drivers to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc without any additional test, and can be issued entitlements to only riders fit for it.

Meanwhile, the current rules state that, despite having a full license for a car, riders still have to take their Compulsory Based Test to be able to ride a small (125cc or under) motorcycle and use L-plates on the bike, therefore, no motorcycle owners can ride without their license.

Riders who got their full car license before February 2001, can ride up to 50cc with a top speed of up to 50km/h on a moped, without any other tests, as stated on their category P driving license.

Can I ride a 250cc bike on a car license?

Car licenses are of different kinds and serve specific purposes, For instance, a category A license are entitled to any bike even when carrying a passenger on the road, but with categories like AM, only a moped can be ridden.

Only when riders have passed their full category motorcycle test for levels A1, A2 to be sure they are fit for the process of riding and must have gotten a valid certificate can they begin to ride 250cc bikes.

However, 250cc bikes require a full motorcycle license on a car license, moped that is up to 50cc that has no L plates and moped. Note, some Europeans allowed riders to ride small capacity bikes with a car license and they don’t need a dedicated bike license.

Therefore, a 250cc bike cannot be ridden on a car license alone, they must still write a CBT test, after that they can now get a suitable license.

Can I ride a 125cc bike on a car license?

To ride in the past, one must own a car driving license issued legally to owners without any additional qualification. But recently, it is not the same because, anything can happen to that vehicle and it’s only a license by the owner that may help out.

Therefore it is advisable to take part in the CBT test, to be issued a license suitable for a vehicle before going to an open place. As stated earlier, one can ride a motorcycle of 125cc capacity with a full car driving license.

Riders is expected to practice this one day course that begins with them on a motorbike at their garage and the finally riding it out on the road alone.

Once the training is completed, they can now with a L plates attached to a bike of up to 125cc capacity and the CBT test have to be retaken after two years.

Can you ride a 600cc motorbike on L plates?

L plate indicates that the rider is only learning, maybe with an instructor beside them or alone.

Then, the 600cc motorcycle is good for beginner riders although the bike has a high-performance engine capacity. Meanwhile, It shouldn’t be left alone for a beginner, except they become perfect.

It can be ridden on an L plate but maybe with an instructor. The expatriation of an engine doesn’t specify its achievement, users can still identify if a motorcycle has a high-performance engine or not.

One may ride them only on a full license restricted to 33hp. But, on a provisional license one may ride a 125cc with not more than 50hp.

To ride a 650 on L plates riders need to be ‘under instruction’ with a qualified instructor to get instruction/commands. Penalties for not displaying L plates users could face a fine up-to 6 penalty points.

There are no automatic upgrades of license. To move up to a full (A) license category there is a need to take the module 1 and 2 tests again on an unrestricted 600cc bike when they have come of age (24 years) or have been license for 2years with an A2 license. But for 17 years individual, they make take their test on a 125cc bike for A1 license.

Do I need to take a motorcycle theory test if I have a car license?

A car license is legally provided for car owners as the name implies, a motorcycle rider needs a motorcycle theory to get a suitable license for the Vehicle whether with a full driving license or not.

One needs to have a provisional motorcycle license to book your theory test.

These tests are of two kinds;

  1. The objective questions
  2. Distorted perception – a video test about spotting rough objects on the road, and interested participant have to pass both parts. To take these tests users must be up to 16 years if learning to ride a moped (no more than 50cc).

Intending riders must be up to 17 years to take the theory test before or after they have taken compulsory basic training (CBT). Intending riders need to be sure what motorcycle they can ride and which tests they need to take.

To take the motorcycle test on a category A1, users must upgrade their motorcycle license to be under the ‘progressive access’ (known as ‘staged access’) rules.

Intending riders must pass through a motorcycle theory test and pass before taking the motorcycle test despite their car license. Because they both do not have the same function.

Conclusively, as there are different categories of license for different age brackets, bikes, and trikes. Riders should always have this in mind when getting bikes and licenses and always go for suitable ones.

Because not all licenses can be users for bikes. With all this put into consideration, there are no issues with riding any kind of bike.


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