Can Bluetooth Drain Or Destroy Your Car Battery?

All modern day bluetooth devices cannot drain your car’s battery for two reasons:

  1. Because it takes less than 1w to run a the bluetooth interface in your car , and over extended use(like for a period of a 2weeks nonstop) won’t really do much in changing or depreciating the level of your car’s battery’s .
  2. A bluetooth device is goes into standby mode once there is no exchange of data over a certain period and when that happens, energy consumption is super low and can’t really be considered as a factor that could drain your car’s battery .

However, were instances in the past were a the circuitry of a Bluetooth device is design to consume more than what modern day devices consume. But it still didn’t amount to causing major draining in a car’s battery.Can Bluetooth Drain Or Destroy Your Car Battery?


Do Bluetooth FM transmitters drain car battery?

This depends on type of car and the manufacturer’s electrical powering design that controls the power within the interior of the car and its charging sockets.

For example, if a Bluetooth FM transmitter was plugged into the socket of a Ford Taurus (2003 model), it would power up even when the doors are closed.

But the case becomes completely different with a car like a Toyota Camry (2014 model) ,where once the door is closed , any device attached loses power from the socket.

So in essence, this actually depends on the model and the type of vehicle you choose to connect your transmitter in .

But if you’re not sure about the model of your car , you can test it out , or preferably try disconnecting it whenever you’re out of your car.

Do I have to unplug my Bluetooth transmitter to save my battery?

Unplugging your FM transmitter won’t really make a difference in conserving your battery .

This is because most transmitters don’t consume much power and they are designed to constantly transmit audio signals from one source to another Bluetooth device without consuming much in terms of power .

Some examples of those devices that run on bluetooth transmitters are wireless headphone and speakers.

The receiving end of a bluetooth transmitter normally has a receiver which is responsible for decoding the received digital signals into audible- audio outputs .

This continuous movement of audio signals doesn’t do much to your car’s battery power output or storage.

In fact, the effect is too minute to be consider on a large scale ,but it doesn’t mean you should plug it in indefinitely . Which is why it’s best to switch off or unplug your bluetooth transmitter once it’s not in use .

Does Bluetooth destroy battery?

The answer is no. No bluetooth device can destroy a car’s battery. And this has been proven by experts and mechanics.

This is because the average power consumed by a bluetooth device is less than 1w , and most modern bluetooth devices have improved circuitry that come with more efficient power saving options .

The only things that can destroy a car’s battery is

  • leaving the headlights on for a prolonged periods ,
  • keeping the battery in extreme temperatures,
  • a faulty relay switch or a bad alternator
  • Poor maintenance

Why does my car battery keep draining?

You may wake up one bright and sunny morning with the idea of going out with the car . And so, you get your keys and kick the engine…only to see it’s not starting up .

You try again, and again , till you finally tell yourself it’s “ drained “. And that means you’re not going anywhere.

This what usual happens when a car battery’s is drained . And this may require a jumpstart. But what could cause this ?

Here are 4 likely causes

  1. Human error : this occurs when someone forgot to turn off the headlights , or close the car door or leave the radio running a day . Things like these are likely to drain the battery
  2. Defective alternator : the car’s alternator supplies power to primary systems of your vehicle, by converting a part of the engine’s power to electricity. This is used to recharge the battery which ensure there’s enough power to restart the car. Once your alternator fails , charging battery won’t be possible. And it would require a jumpstart.
  3. An old battery: the life span of a good battery is 5 years and once it exceeds that number expect a decline in its charge retention
  4. Loose cable or corrosion at the terminals

Can a Cd player drain car battery?

A car’s CD player can drain the battery if left on for long periods . This happens when the car’s alternator is not running so as to store charges .

Some mordern CD players even come with loaders that could consume a little extra amperage from your battery ,and that could weaken the life your battery in the long run .

Which is why it’s advisable to play your CDs when the engine is running . This has a way of prolongs the charge on the battery by running the alternator. This allows you start your car easily without having to look for a jumpstart cable to fire up the battery.

Can car stereo drain your battery?

Yes , your car stereo can drain your car battery by parasitic drawing of current . This usually occurs due to a faulty relay ,especially if the stereo is old.

What is meant by “parasitic draw” is when one of the electrical components( in this case the old stereo ) begins drawing amperage from the battery at time when it’s supposed to be switched off.

The effects of this results in having a battery’s overworked, drained and dead. Another way your stereo could drain your battery is if it more powerful stereo is installed.

This puts pressure on 12v battery that sustains it and ome modern day stereos have configured bass systems that are loud and often require higher amperage to keep them going .

This could drain your battery over time by causing it to get overworked.

Can decoder draining battery?

Yes , a decoder can drain your car battery and that’s because a it’s not connected to the alternator that recharges it thereby replenishing the used amperage.

Another thing that can definitely determine this is the voltage and current rating on the decoder.

According to research, most satellite decoders use an average of 130kWh a year and 11-21 watts when switched on and 11-18 watts when switch off .

These figure tell that a decoder if let a long time on your car battery would run it down even though it were connected through an inverter .

What can drain a car battery when the car is off?

Ideally your car battery is suppose to retain charge and serve you in the coming years before it give out .

However, there could be a case of your battery discharging and shutting down when the engine is turned off . This is commonly caused by on of three things:

  1. The battery is old and has gone beyond the expected life span for most batteries. This figure is not fixed but it ranges between 4-5 years
  2. A parasitic drainage that’s caused by an electrical component overworking the battery due to relay in the current. This depletes the battery’s power faster than most other factors that are battery-related problems . However, this problem can be solved at home or in an auto shop with a digital multimeter to test the output to see if it still meets up with the required voltage rating for a battery .
  3. Keeping the battery or parking the vehicle in extreme weather conditions that compromise the acid in the battery especially if the battery is more than 3 years or ,its reaching the end of its life span . New batteries have a better resistance to extreme temperatures and they (sometime)survive harsh temperatures.
  4. A car heavily relies on its battery to kickstart the engine into motion and run other electrical functions. While you’re driving your car battery relies on the car’s alternator to help it stayed charge through by converting the engine power into current. Once the alternator stops working, the battery is no longer able reserve charges for later ,and you will finding driving at this point very hard.

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