Are Ironman Tires as Safe as Other Brands?

The ironman brand is a direct sub business of the popular Hercules tire brand.

One of the strong suits of this unique tire brand is it’s provision of budget tires which are very cost effective.

Now, it’s perfectly normal for you to be a bit concerned if the cheap price has any impact on the overall quality. Just how good are they when put side by side with other brands?

The truth is that the difference in price between ironman tires and other premium brands is quite much.

For that reason, they lack some specific key features that enhance the quality of performance and therefore do not perform as excellently as it’s premium counterparts.


How Good Are Ironman Tires Compared to The Big Brands?

How Do Ironman Tires Perform When Put Side By Side With The Big Boys?

As already established in the article so far, Ironman specializes in the production of cost effective tires.

As a result of this, it should really come as no surprise that these tires can only provide a 6.5/10 performance most of the time.

Anything higher is a cut above its level. The ironman brand does pride itself on affordability after all, and there’s only much quality that low cost can provide at a time.

On an average, most Ironman tires cost ¼ of big popular tire brands. Yes, they are that cheap!

Do These Differences in Price Affect Quality?

Where Do These Price Discrepancies Come Into Play When Quality Is Concerned?

Actually, it could. It all depends on the perspective that you’re viewing it from.

It’s no secret that those big brands go all in when it comes down to market research. It thus makes sense that they would be able to comfortably develop and execute the best tier features for their tires.

This in turn gives rise to tires at the peak of industry standard innovation and quality performance.

It would be too bold to assume that brands such as Ironman have idle million that could be easily committed to research and development.

Thus, it’s a no brainer that their tires come second in every quality and performance based department when compared to big brands.

However, it does not in any way condemn Ironman tires to the cruel fate of being pitifully weaker and inferior when compared to the big players.

While it is true that Ironman tires can’t go toe to toe with premium tires, they are still able to serve up an affordable alternative that you can work with.

While it may not offer smooth features such as ride quietness or grip, you 100% sure of getting a more than decent performance all things considered.

At the end of the day, no tangible concern should be paid to how good ironman tires are when compared to other brands.

If we’re being totally honest with ourselves, getting an all encompassing performance from a brand that specializes in budget tires is quite the pipe dream.

What really deserves your concern is whether you at least want SOME of these top quality features of big brand tires on a budget. If you fall in this category, then Ironman tires are the way to go.

I mean, think about it, you wouldn’t be here right now if you were going for one of those premium tires. Getting an alternative that can at least give you a fair performance is good business if you ask me.

How Durable Are Ironman Tires?

Are Ironman Tires Durable?

Even if you’re not a fan of the popular comic book based hero, you’ll agree that the name “Ironman” connotes might and strength.

By extension, you might also be of the opinion that Ironman tires possess a high level of durability.

Well, you’re not entirely wrong for thinking this way. You see, Ironman tires have a fair amount of durability especially considering the fact that they are budget tires.

Akin to virtually every other tire manufacturer, mileage warranties on Ironman tires are understandably limited and sometimes entirely non- existent.

It should be noted that Ironman has some ridiculously cheap tires in it’s catalogue that possess no mileage guarantee. The more expensive Ironman tires however do possess mileage warranties.

Estimated Tread Life

Even though tires may possess warranties, the estimated tread life is sometimes difficult to ascertain and might not be exactly accurate.

On the average, Ironman tires possess a tread life of around 40,000 miles. If you’re quite fortunate, you may just be able to get as much as 50,000 miles on some specific Ironman tire models.

At this point, it would come as no shock if you’re surprised with the low reliability of ironman tires.

This need not be the case. It is common knowledge that budget tires usually possess shorter tread life.

This boils down to the basic and inferior materials and compounds which were employed in making such tires.

For example, several low cost tires (including Ironman tires) don’t make use of the usual silica- infused rubber compounds which bigger brands use for their own tires. Tires which have high silica content experience slower rate of tread wear and generally last longer.

As an alternative to the expensive silica compounds found in more premium tires, Buttress designs are used by Ironman to increase tread life of it’s tires.

Buttress tackles the issue of tread wear in a basic way. They make use of a wider tread to reduce wear and invariable prolong the life of the tire.

Do They Last as Long as Bigger Brands?

The big players in the tire manufacturing industry such as; Pirelli, Cooper and Goodyear are known for regularly committing millions of dollars to research and development.

Thus, they have the ability to develop, hire and apportion new compounds and technologies for tread life which will in turn prolong the useful life of their tires.

This is why it comes as no surprise when they consistently roll out tires that stand head and shoulders above others in the industry.

Ironman on the other hand is a much more modest brand. Due to the lack of heavy funds for research and development, their tires are usually less durable and don’t last as long as premium tires.

They simply lack the high- end technology and compounds to make this possible.

Again, it does not in any way seek to condemn Ironman tires to the fate of being virtually useless, they are still durable and worthy in their own right. Not just as much as premium tires.

Is It More Efficient To Go For a Premium Tire?

If you’ve made it this far into the article, it would be no surprise if you’ve resolved to go for premium tires. After all, you’ll invariably spend less compared to if you just went for a cheaper brand now.

However, it’s not simply as straightforward as how you may believe it to be.

There are some ironman tires that have a higher estimated tread life than premium tires.

For example, both the Ironman iMove GEN2 A/S and the premium Michelin Pilot Super Sport are both tire brands meant for sports cars.

The iMove GEN2 has a starting price of $53 while the Michelin Pilot has a starting price of around $135. Amazingly, the iMove GEN has an estimated tread life of 35,000 miles while the Michelin Pilot has one of 30,000.

Let’s get it straight here, in terms of a comprehensive all- round comparison, the Michelin Pilot wins hands down. However, it possesses a lower tread life.

So you see, more expensive doesn’t always translate to more efficient. Just do your research and make your decision based on the intended use of the tire you wish to buy.

Just Where Are Ironman Tires Made: USA or China?

Some of Ironman’s tires are manufactured at Cooper’s facility located in Findlay, Ohio, USA.

Ironman is however a budget brand and thus does most of it’s manufacturing in China and then proceeds to import the manufactured tires into the USA for distribution and sales.

Most of Ironman’s tires are manufactured in China because of the reduced labor costs in the country.

This reduced labor costs help to ensure that ironman can still continue to keep their tires pocket friendly, thus maintaining their edge.

It is true that ‘Made in China’ products have received a lot of criticism and reputation for being of an inferior quality.

In the case of tires, there have been incessant complaints of reduced lifespan and constant failure. These shortcomings usually lead to a high number of product recalls.

In more severe cases, manufactures of such tires are hit with multiple accusatory law suits mostly centered on negligence. Thus, Chinese made tires have earned the title of ‘inferior tires over the years’.

It is pertinent to note here that Ironman has taken measured steps to ensure that it’s tires don’t fall under this category.

Ironman is very heavy on the American values and culture and ensures they are incorporated into the manufacture of the tires. Unlike most Asian brands, Ironman does not cut corners for the purpose of saving cost.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. It is thus no surprise that Ironman has received only a small number of complaints since it was founded.

Additionally, Ironman has a great professional relationship with Cooper. Due to this, Ironman enjoys a high level of buyer confidence, even though their tires are manufactured in China.

With a big and reliable brand such as Cooper in the picture, buyers are confident that the tires they buy from Ironman properly reflect American culture and values.

As stated earlier in the article, Ironman is a subsidiary of Hercules tires which is owned by Cooper Tire and Rubber.

Presented with this information, you might be overwhelmed and confused as to who is directly responsible for making the tires.

There’s no need for the confusion. Research has shown that Hercules tires are directly responsible for the production and distribution of the tires.

Hercules mostly works with discount tire retailers and supplies them with the tires as soon as manufacturing is complete.

Hercules works mostly with online sellers. This helps to reduce cost of transporting the tires to some industrial warehouse somewhere.


The Ironman brand’s unique selling point is it’s low cost tires which provide an acceptable level of quality and durability.

Most of the tires in Ironman’s catalogue range from $40 to $50. It thus offers a great avenue to get some quality without breaking the bank.

They also offer a wide range of tires which serve different uses. Just find the one suitable to satisfy your need and go for it.

Forget the low price; Ironman tires can hold their own, relatively. So, working with a tight budget, then think Ironman tires.

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